Redskins' Future Hinges on This Game

Stephen AnglissAnalyst ISeptember 3, 2008

Jim Zorn has put in his time with the Washington Redskins. He has transformed the playbook, sculpted the quaterbacks, and rallied together a team coming off a roller coaster season. He has seen it all, and has handled it with class. Zorn has gone through injuries, free agent signings, and inexperienced rookies, but all that Jim Zorn has done with the Redskins will be put on the line when the Washington Redskins meet the New York Giants in the Meadow lands.

Things started off quick for the quarterbacks coach from Seattle. With only several months to instill a West Coast offense into a team that was known for a superfluous running game things seemed to be coming along nicely. Things got even better when the Redskins won three preseason games in a row with sharp play from Jason Campbell. Then, without warning, Carolina came, and the Redskins were thrown around like a rag doll. The loss to Jacksonville only twisted the knife that had stabbed us in Carolina. Suddenly, it no longer seemed like the Redskins would walk with Jim Zorn to the Super Bowl. In fact, it looked like maybe we should start praying that the Redskins would win at least one game. Regardless of what has happened in the past, Jim Zorn and the Redskins' future will hinge on the outcome of the season opener against the Giants. Jim Zorn has taken the Tests, and the final exam is coming quick, lets just hope that everybody in Washington studied.

There will be many big questions looming over Jim Zorn when the Redskins play Thursday, Questions like; will Jason Campbell perform, will the offensive line hold, or will the rookie wide receivers will ever catch on. The two terrible losses last week meant nothing, but if the Redskins repeat their blunders this week Jim Zorn will be sitting in Dan Snyder's office for a long meeting and the Redskins will be in big trouble.

Of course, one game means little compared to the whole season, but first impressions mean everything. Certainly Jim Zorn should know that, and losing the opener after two embarrassingpreseason losses will not be a good way to start a gig. The future of the Redskins' could rest on this game, the Redskin's season could change dramatically, for better or for worse.