Tatum Bell Tries to Pull Fast One, Gets Caught Stealing Rudi's Baggage

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer ISeptember 3, 2008

NFL players make enough money, don't they? Apparently, former Lions running back Tatum Bell didn't think so, because he stole new Lions' RB Rudi Johnson's bags.

The Detroit Lions were looking for a bona fide running back, and after the Cincinnati Bengals released Johnson, the Lions were quick to bring him in to Ford Field.

After a workout in Detroit, Lions' president Matt Millen liked what he saw from Johnson; apparently he was impressive enough to get a contract.

The problem was though, with the former Pro Bowl running back coming in, Bell would be released. In a presumable moment of anger, Bell stole two Gucci bags from Johnson, according to surveillance cameras, and had a woman return the baggage later—empty.

That would be considered a "good deed" by Bell's standards, but he also took Johnson's undergarments and $200 from his money clip.

For a player who made $515,280, don't you think Bell has better things to do than steal petty cash from a fellow NFL running back?

In a higher level of intelligence, Johnson has decided not to press charges, but rather settle the matter out-of-court. With a season coming up very shortly, this was certainly the correct decision, and I'm sure Rudi was advised to do as such.

I'm just flabbergasted by Bell's actions. No matter how mad you are about being released, you can't just go around and commit theft. Say this weren't Bell, and just an ordinary citizen, there would certainly be jail time involved.

Johnson, being the bigger man, said in an interview with the AP, "I don't need the police for this."

I hope this situation gets sorted out, but I certainly feel sorry for Johnson.