Jim Ross Should Not Come Back to the WWE Commentating Booth Like This

Jack WindhamAnalyst IDecember 6, 2010

Jim Ross
Jim Ross

There are those in the company who are trying to help Jim Ross return to WWE.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are playing the political game right now: They both can't stand Matt Striker, so they're using the locker-room-wide sentiment for Ross as a weapon. They want Striker gone, and they're not afraid to use Ross to make it happen.

Ross has to do the right thing and reject the offer.

It's a well known fact that Ross would love to return to the commentating booth. Through his personal blog, he talks more about being forced out than choosing to walk away.

He is still passionate about the job. You can feel it in every letter that he types on his website. He has never flat out stated that he has retired from the booth.

The only things that stand in his way are Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn, the lead producer for WWE. Both of those guys feel that Ross is older than the image that they would like for their commentators; they also feel that Ross is a bit too "southern" for their tastes.

However, if those two change their minds, then the offer to return could be there for Ross.

When that offer comes, hopefully Ross has the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing and say "no."

He should come back to help the product; he should not come back just to help two guys play the political game.