Marcellus Wiley on the shooting of Jacksonville Jaguars teammate Richard Collier

Sean BesserContributor ISeptember 3, 2008

Marcellus Wiley (who played with both Kenny Pettway and Richard Collier on the Jacksonville Jaguars) talked to Pettway and gives some FANTASTIC and insightful commentary on his blog about the Collier shooting:

Only a friend could land this type of info from a guy involved in the incident: "After talking to KP, who in his own words said, 'We didn't do anything, we weren't trying to do anything, just sitting in the car…they ran up on us and just start shooting...they didn't try to rob us or anything.'"

Wiley goes on to "shed some light on how it goes down there" in Jacksonville and explains how trouble sometimes just finds you...especially when you are a high profile athlete.