Chad Kilger Should Not Come Back to the Florida Panthers

Aaron BrenkerCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2008

Chad Kilger was acquired by the Florida Panthers in a last-minute trade deadline acquisition. Kilger was dealt to the Panthers for a third-round draft pick.

Now that the Panthers have finally completed the trade bringing Bryan McCabe to Florida, could that be extra incentive for Chad Kilger to return to the team?

After joining the Panthers, Kilger requested a leave of absence to attend to personal issues. Panthers' General Manager Jacques Martin granted him permission to leave, expecting he would be back with the team soon.

Days stretched to weeks, weeks stretched to months—and still, there was no word from Kilger. Martin had no choice but to suspend the former Toronto Maple Leaf indefinitely without pay.

There has been no news about Kilger's decision on whether he wishes to return. It seems he will not have an answer for a couple more weeks.

In my opinion, Kilger should not come back. Yes, his big frame and physical play would bring positives to the Panthers' line-up, but it seems like his problems go deeper than we once thought.

It has no doubt been a solid career for Kilger. He had his best season in 2005-06, scoring 17 goals for the Maple Leafs. Kilger also broke a Leafs' record at a Toronto skills competition—Al Lafrate's record for hardest shot—after he blasted a 106.6 mph shot.

In the next few weeks Kilger will be faced with a difficult decision on whether or not to retire. Other NHL teams most likely would not take him, so it's either the Panthers or nothing, in my opinion.

It's up to you Chad—make the right decision for yourself.