Erin Andrews: Her Best Moments of the Year

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistDecember 7, 2010

Erin Andrews: Her Best Moments of the Year

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    Erin Andrews has had a remarkable year.   It was about year ago when the hotty sideline reporter had to deal with all of the trouble and embarrassment that had to do with having video of her naked body being floated around on the Internet.

    But she's bounced back big time from that little setback and she's actually more popular than ever.

    Good for her!  Who wouldn't want to see more and more of that pretty face everywhere.  Way to go Erin, you've done well.

    Here's a small tribute to Erin's bounce back year.  It's time to enjoy her best moments from this year in pictures. 

Erin Andrews: The Scandal

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    The beautiful ESPN reporter was dealt quite a blow in 2009 when a Peeping Tom recorded her naked in a hotel room.

    Soon, a blurry video of the naked Erin floated all over the Internet.

    Andrews vowed to bounce from that scandal and that she did.

Erin Andrews: Joins Dancing with the Stars

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    Some people scoffed at the idea of making a sideline reporter a castmember of the popular reality show.

    But Erin's not your ordinary reporter.  She was actually a dancer back in her college years at the University of Florida.

    There Erin was a part of the Gators Dazzlers, a dancing team.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    Average television viewers didn't know much about her, outside of her keyhole scandal.

    However, her Dancing with the Stars appearance helped improve her stock and take her popularity to new heights.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    That's what happens when you show the word you've got dancing skills and look great in ballroom gowns, among other sexy outfits.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    That's right Erin can shake it.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    Now tell me if any other sideline sports reporter can do that.

    Suzy Kolber?  No way! 

    Only Erin can.  That's why this is one of her best moments.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    She was paired up with Maxsim Chmerkovskiy. 

    Sorry Maxs, Erin is way hotter.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    During the show, Erin showed us that she can stretch her body like we've never seen it stretch before.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    At some point during the show, Erin got some justice. 

    On March of this year, a judge sentenced the man who was accused of shooting her keyhole video to 30 months in prison.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    A month later in April, there were reports that the FBI was investigating death threats made to Andrews.

    But that didn't stop her.

    She kept on dancing.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    That student-teacher relationship was flipped at one point during the show.

    Look at Erin teaching her dance instructor a thing or two about sports.

    There's nothing hotter than a woman that can talk basketball, or football, or baseball.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    Erin kept growing and showing the world that she would compete despite all of her recent setbacks.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    That will to improve gave allowed Erin to keep getting better and better.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    As her confidence grew, she started taking more risks.

    And her dancing became even more impressive.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    Those outfits turned even more sexy.

    Check out these lovely leather boots.  Hot!

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    And of course, her friendship with her teacher grew.

    Easy there Maxs, no booty grabbing in public.  Only on the dance floor.

Erin Andrews: The Scandalous Dress

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    This is Erin doing her best Michael Jordan impersonation.

    And this is the outfit that got her in trouble.

Erin Andrews: Called Out By Hasselbeck

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    A day after donning that dress, she was called out by former Survivor star and co-host of The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

    Hasselbeck went on to criticize Andrews for using her sexuality to garner votes on television, only months after her keyhole incident.

    Not really sure what Mrs. Tim Hasselbeck was thinking but Erin's outfit was alright in my book.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    Even Hasselbeck's daughter backed Andrews. 

    As a result, mommy Liz, gave Erin a tearful apology for taking a jab at her on television. 

    Hooray for ratings. 

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    Erin held strong, as we know she can.

    Even after the hate, she still kept going.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    Take that Elisabeth!

    Maybe she was just jealous Erin was getting more popular than her.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    That's right, Erin can flaunt her sexuality and no one should have a problem with that.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    Erin's a modern day woman that can dance, look sexy and talk sports.

Erin Andrews: Dancing with the Stars

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    It was no surprise that she made it all the way to the finale of the show.

    Andrews danced all the way until the end.

    She finished in third place.

    Way to go Erin!

Erin Andrews: Meet Kendra

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    With national fame, comes another hot Andrews sister.

    It was only a matter of time until the world wanted to find out more about her family.

    Meet Kendra, Erin's sister.

    She's a dancer. 

Erin Andrews: Kendra Andrews

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    Just like Erin, she's got a great body.

    Too bad she's not as big of a sports nut.

Erin Andrews: Sisters

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    Here are the Andrews sisters at the premier of a movie which Kendra was a part of: Step Up 3D.

Erin Andrews: The Bigger Star

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    Kendra's a cutie but there's no doubt, Erin is the bigger star in that family.

    Erin looks great, even wearing animal print.

Erin Andrews: Photo Shoot

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    We don't get to see much of Erin doing too many modeling shots.

    She's a reporter, after all.

    That's why these up coming photos are quite the highlight.

Erin Andrews: Photo Shoot

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    This is Erin giving us a stare that can make any man do whatever she wanted.

Erin Andrews: Photo Shoot

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    I'm telling you, she can also have a future in modeling if she wanted to.

Erin Andrews: Photo Shoot

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    But reporting is in her genes.

    Her dad was a six-time Emmy award winning investigative journalist.

Erin Andrews: Photo Shoot

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    Erin and her winblown hair, never looked so sexy.

Erin Andrews: Photo Shoot

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    Take a look at the colors

    Erin's showing her Gator pride.

Erin Andrews: Photo Shoot

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    Yellow is not a favorite color of mine.

    But on Erin, I have no problems with it.

Erin Andrews: Photo Shoot

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    That's pretty smiling face, can't do any wrong.

Erin Andrews: Photo Shoot

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    This year, was definitely the year that she made a big comeback.

    After all the scandal and the negative press, Erin became a household name.

Erin Andrews: Photo Shoot

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    With a perfect balance of beauty, sports knowledge, journalistic skills and dancing ability she managed to endear herself to most Americans.

    Not that many people grow tired of hearing about Erin Andrews.

Erin Andrews: Paparazzi

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    Check out this photo, you know you're a celebrity when paparazzi follow you around take random pictures of you next to a parking meter.

Erin Andrews: Black Dress

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    Here's Erin's take on that little black dress.

    Looking good.

Erin Andrews: ESPY

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    Who would have thought that her career would completely skyrocket when she first started out as just a pretty face reporting sports on the sidelines.

Erin Andrews: Marissa Miller

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    The ESPYs are not just about sports.

    There's also plenty of beautiful women around.

    Here are two of the hottest women in sports Erin Andrews and Marissa Miller, the NFL's supermodel spokesperson.

Erin Andrews: ESPY

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    After her Dancing with the Stars appearance, Erin arguably became more famous than the athletes that she interviews.

    In fact, ESPN rewarded her with a big contract and tagged her as the host of College Gameday.

Erin Andrews: GQ

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    She's even been on the cover of GQ, a men's magazine.

Erin Andrews: GQ

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    That's right, she's the star.

    Not the football team.

Erin Andrews: GQ

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    But Erin's got range.  She's not your average self-centered star.

    She can be the center of attention or she can just blend right in.

Erin Andrews: Good Morning America

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    Here celebrity and reporting skills also netted her a job as a contributor on Good Morning America.

Erin Andrews: Baseball

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    Did you know that according to Erin, she has never played sports in her life.

    Well, for someone that doesn't play sports, she certainly has proven to have a lot of knowledge.

Erin Andrews: Terrell Owens

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    Erin's so big now, even Terrell Owens wants to take pictures with her.

Erin Andrew: College Gameday

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    Her College Gameday job is what she's known for these days.

    As one of the prettiest faces of college football.

Erin Andrew: College Gameday

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    She must love her job, conducting interview after interview and getting the latest from coaches and players.

    From talking to coaches that are on the brink of losing their jobs.

Erin Andrews

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    To coaches that are living legends.

    You would think that after all the fame, Erin would have quit her job and just started off on a new career.

    But she didn't.

    She stuck to reporting.

Erin Andrews: College Gameday

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    She's shown us her remarkable spirit and dedicated to her work this year.

Erin Andrews: On a Monster Bike

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    As well as a more personal side of her.

    That's one monster bike!

    She's made Saturday college football a lot more interesting for us this year.

Erin Andrews: She Keeps Doing Her Job Well

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    Here's Erin with the undefeated Auburn Tigers, who are now headed to the BCS title game.

    Take poll from people around the nation.  Ask them which of these two names they recognize: Gene Chizik or Erin Andrews.

    Chances are Andrews' name will ring a bell.

    But despite her celebrity and fame, Andrew continues to do her job well.

    She's proven that she can bounce and become even better.  That's what makes this year her best.