Christian Will Never Be Able To Break Through The WWE Glass Ceiling

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst IDecember 6, 2010


There are rumors of Christian leaving the WWE

That's a very sad thing.

Considering how talented Christian is, those rumors should not exist. He's got the total package that you would want from a wrestler. He's in shape, knows how to work the mic and can produce great matches. In a more steroid infested body, Christian would be viewed as a world champion by Vince McMahon and WWE.

It's unfortunate that some of these talented wrestlers will never be able to break past the WWE glass ceiling and become main event performers. As of late, you've already seen guys like Carlito, MVP and Matt Hardy walking away from the company because they feel unappreciated. None of those guys have been given a shot at the main event. They had to sit back and watch newer guys like Sheamus and Wade Barrett be handed the ball.

They're also forced to work in the mid card and help elevate newer stars. Their jobs are to essentially help others work their way up to a position where they can get more fame and money. At the same time, you do the job while fearing that you're going to be the next one that WWE wishes well on future endeavers. 

Sadly, Christian is stuck in the Smackdown mid card scene. For a brand that desperately needs fresh faces in the main event, he is unlikely to get that chance. For a brand that has an opportunity to capture the attention of wrestling fans by producing a program involving Christian and Edge, nothing is happening.

Christian deserves better.