The Race for the Chase: Let the Games Begin!

Zack KeoughContributor ISeptember 3, 2008

With the last race before the chase just days away, the question is when the chase begins will Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards take each other out of the chase?

I think not, that is, until it gets down to the wire with just a handful of races left. I'm predicting now that they will both stay away from each other until one runs into the other. As soon as that happens, let the games begin.

It will be a beatin' and bangin' bash all the way to Homestead. But there is one fellow to look out for in the rear view mirror: Jimmie Johnson. Yeah, I said it, it looks like he is peaking at the right time. As the two-time defending champion he knows what it takes.

But the real sleeper is Kevin Harvick. With a few consistent top 10 finishes over the last few weeks, it looks like that team may have a say so in the Race for the Chase. The deciding factor may even be the pit crews. Who knows?

Man, I can’t wait. Let the games begin!