Karo Parisyan's Curtain Call: UFC 88

Kevin CurranSenior Analyst ISeptember 3, 2008

Karo Parisyan was one of the first fighters that I saw fight in the UFC. I was immediately hooked by his dominating judo and his strength.

I saw him throw opponents with ease, dropping them on their heads and dropping their chances of winning the fight. He just broke the spirits of his opponents.

Now with a loss to Thiago Alves behind him, Karo may be in trouble with his next opponent, Yushyhuki Yoshida.

Yoshida is a fourth degree black belt in judo and almost has even more credentials than Karo Parisyan. That is scary. Karo's game plan has always been clinch, clinch, and clinch, but now HE may be thrown if he clinches.

That must be a brainwracking thought for Karo. His whole life he has been the best, winning junior championships all the way up through Olympic judo. Now he faces a fellow Olympian who is hungry to prove himself.

Yoshiyuki holds wins over Akira Kiuchi, who holds a win over Jake Shields, and an overwhelming victory over Jon Koppenhaver at UFC 84 by Anaconda Choke. In the first minute!

Karo has also shown an inability to finish fights in his career, holding only one TKO victory. This could not be farther from the truth with "Zenko" Yoshida. He holds six TKO victories and the sick submissions of a judo black belt in his two submission victories.

Karo is a wily veteran and I do not discount that, but when a guy has all of your skills and a little bit more, it's hard to ignore him. Look out for Zenko, he's going places. First stop, standing over an unconscious Karo Parisyan.