Fantasy Football: Week 13 Studs and Duds

Justin EisenbandCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2010

Fantasy Football: Week 13 Studs and Duds

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    The last week in the regular season for fantasy football owners was make or break time for many team managers. With several middle of the pack teams fighting for the last open playoff spot, you had to hope that at least most of your players fell in stud category, rather than the duds.

    Some of your players were expected to big points and showed up. Other players you may have slipped into your lineup as fliers just didn't pan out.

    Those players you will not see here.

    Here are the players you were counting on who just didn't show up when you needed them and the players who really came through in the clutch.

Stud: Greg Jennings

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    Jennings has been absolutely dynamite over the last six weeks, putting up the numbers of a true No. 1 fantasy wide receiver. Many owners had to be disappointed with his early season play after spending a second or third round pick on the Green Bay wide out.

    No. 85 came through with his second biggest fantasy day of the season yesterday. Jennings had six receptions for 122 yards and two touchdowns. Jennings has some real momentum as fantasy teams enter the playoffs and he is an absolute must-start in the next few weeks.

Dud: DeSean Jackson

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    Playing against a Houston Texans secondary that has looked like swiss cheese this season, DeSean Jackson had one of the best projections for a wide receiver this week.

    Jackson, while not having a bad game, could not come close to expectations.

    Jackson had three receptions for 84 yards. This stat line at least contributed to your team, but not as much as expected. Against the Texans, Jackson was expected to break 100 yards receiving, score a touchdown, and make a few more catches.

    The Eagles can't be disappointed with Jackson, but fantasy owners surely can.

Stud: Marshawn Lynch

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    Marshawn Lynch essentially came out of nowhere for the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday. Lynch had been pretty much invisible on the fantasy radar this season for both the Bills and the Seahawks.

    Lynch finally made a blip with his performance against the lowly Carolina Panthers. Lynch ran for 83 rushing yards and added a 17-yard reception for good measure, but it wasn't the yards that made Lynch a stud this week. Lynch found the end zone three times on the ground.

    Not bad for Lynch who has not had one touchdown and 50 yards in the same game this season.

Dud: Chris Johnson

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    If you had the first pick overall in your draft this year, you might be kicking yourself now. The last two weeks have been crunch time for fantasy owners, Chris Johnson has been one of the biggest duds over this period.

    Last week, Johnson had just five yards on seven carries and did virtually nothing in the passing game. It was just the fourth time this season that Johnson failed to either find the end zone or exceed 100 yards rushing.

    This week, owners had to expect Johnson to bounce back against Jacksonville. Owners were yet again disappointed as Johnson laid another egg with just 67 total yards and two receptions.

    That first overall pick isn't looking so good right now.

Stud: Reggie Wayne

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    Reggie Wayne and the Indianapolis Colts haven't seemed to have the same swagger of previous years this season. The Colts are really struggling now, losing three in a row and four of their last five. Over those five games, Wayne had been held to 42 yards or less in three games and had just two touchdowns.

    Well, the Colts didn't do any better against the Cowboys on Sunday, but Wayne did find his swagger. Wayne had a big day hauling in 14 receptions for 200 yards, giving some especially happy owners a bonus for exceeding the 200 yard mark.

    To top it off, Wayne added a touchdown for the Colts. Wayne's day was the best in fantasy this week, and it wasn't even close.

Dud: Peyton Hillis

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    Fantasy owners can't be dissatisfied with what Hillis has given them over the past six weeks. A waiver wire pickup, Hillis had seven touchdowns in the last five games. Included in those five games were two monster weeks when Hillis had over 414 total yards and five touchdowns.

    Hillis did not have a terrible week, but his stat line came nowhere close to matching his previous output. The Browns running back had just 79 total yards. Hillis might have done fine for you if you are in a points per reception league because he had seven receptions.

    However, he was a major disappoint for those fantasy owners expecting over 100 total yards and at least one touchdown possibly multiple scores.

Stud: Sidney Rice

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    Rice has been a big bust for fantasy owners this season especially those who may have kept Rice in a keeper league. The Vikings wide receiver sat out the first 10 weeks of the season with an injury. In his return to the Vikings over the last two weeks, Rice has not impressed much combining for just four receptions for 76 yards and zero touchdowns in two games.

    On Sunday, Rice returned to the 2009 form which produced over 1,300 yards and eight touchdowns last season. Against Buffalo yesterday Rice hauled in five receptions and broke the 100 yard receiving mark with 105 reception yards. His biggest contribution came in the form of two touchdowns, one particularly impressive one that was essentially a jump ball that Rice was able to share possession with the defensive back in the end zone leading to a Vikings touchdown.

    Rice could be a big contributor for some teams fortunate enough to pick him up before this week.

Dud: Philip Rivers

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    Rivers, at one point, was the undisputed pick for both NFL MVP and fantasy football MVP. On the season, Rivers has over 3,600 yards and 24 touchdowns and there are still four games left to be played.

    Last week, owners who had Rivers had to figure it was just an abnormality. Rivers played well completing 19 of 23 passes for 185 yards, but the Chargers were committed to running the ball against the Colts and took what the defense gave them.

    This week against the Raiders was a different story. Rivers completed just 23 of 39 passes against Oakland for just one touchdown and 280 yards—far fewer than what owners are accustomed to seeing from the star quarterback. It was the second consecutive dud week for Rivers.

    While owners cannot even contemplate benching Rivers, they better hope he emerges from his funk for the playoff matchups which begin next week.