WWE Facts and Trivia: Royal Rumble Virgins, Youngest Champ and More

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2010

WWE Facts and Trivia: Royal Rumble Virgins, Youngest Champ and More

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    I was looking over some WWE stuff today and I found an interesting website that had some WWE facts that I had no clue even existed.

    I thought I would bring these to the B/R community and see if anybody on here might know them.

    For each piece of trivia, the first slide will have a question and the answer will follow on the next page.

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Who Is the Youngest Champion Ever?

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    Who is the youngest person to ever hold any title in the WWE?

Rene Dupree

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    Yes, it was Rene Dupree. Dupree was 19 years old when he won the World Tag Team Title as part of La Résistance in 2003.

Who Are The Only Three People To Have Never Entered The Royal Rumble?

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    One of these guys may surprise you if you don't already know who he is.

3-D and Razor Ramon

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    Both the Dudley boys and Scott Hall have never entered the Royal Rumble match.

Stunt Double

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    Who was the stunt double for David Arquette in the movie "Ready to Rumble"?

The Hurricane

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    Gregory Helms was the stunt double for David in the movie.


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    Who is the only wrestler to win a championship in three consecutive WrestleManias?

    Hint: It was not done back to back to back (i.e. 2000-2003).

    This was the only one I knew out of these questions.


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    Sorry if I gave that away in the last slide. Christian won titles in WrestleMania 2000, X7, and X8.

Facts About the Wrestlers

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     Did you know?

     Hardcore Holly used to be a NASCAR driver and welder.

     Val Venis used to race in motocross before becoming a wrestler.

     HHH debuted in 1995 but never won a match at Survivor Series untill 2005!

     It took Roddy Piper nine years to get his first clean pin.

     The Rock is a skilled light tackle salt water fisherman? Didn't see that one coming.

     Kane, Spike Dudley, and Michele McCool used to be teachers.

     Stone Cold Steve Austin played in the school band in high school; he was also part of the National Honor Society. He dropped out of college. In his spare time he collects antiques. Really did not see that one.

    Randy Orton used to be in the Marines and was put in prison for military misconduct.

    Edge and Christian have known each other since high school. You probably already knew that.