Yankees in Tight September Battle

Jeffrey MannCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2008

The Yankees are about to enter the September stretch with their worst record in recent memory. Currently they are 12.5 games back in the AL East (a number well beyond reach), seven games back of the Red Sox in the wild card, and 4.5 games behind the Twins (who look like they may be the only real challenger Boston has left).

They have just lost two home series against Boston and Toronto and the only magic working at Yankee Stadium is working overtime for their opponents. Every opposing player is quoted to “be in awe of the chance to play on the hallowed ground of Yankee Stadium.” What good is that doing the Yankees?

At this point in the season, they need to give up on this impossible notion of making the playoffs. It’s not going to happen. Andy Pettitte has lost his last two starts, and Mike Mussina is due to run out of gas any moment. The race the Yankees need to worry about is the one for third place in the AL East.

With 27 games left to play, the upstart Toronto Blue Jays have made a late season push in the standings. Once thought to be well out of it, they find themselves a mere two games back of the formerly mighty Yankees. In a season that was written off early for Toronto, they would enjoy nothing more than deposing the Yankees in the standings.

J.P Riccardi is salivating at the concept of finishing above the Yankees in the division. With three more games left between these two teams, all in Toronto, this promises to be an exciting race down the stretch. It’ll be interesting to see if the Yankees have enough left in the tank to hold off the Blue Jays over these last 27 games.

I know I will follow it, joining an overly-excited J.P Riccardi and a very ticked-off Hank Steinbrenner.