More You Might Be A College Football Fan-atic If...

Victor AndersonCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2008

Someone asks you about the four faces of Mt. Rushmore and you say, "Paterno, Bowden, Rockne, and Osbourne."

Asked to sing the theme song from Rocky, you start singing Rocky Top.

You wreck your car and use the insurance money to get tickets for the bowl game.

A co-worker makes a point and you make your objection by waving a pencil in their face and saying, "Not so fast my friend!"

You refuse to get gas in the state of your rival and rather push your car across the state line (OSU/Michigan fans know this one pretty well).

You have ever said the following things to a fan of a school:

What is Tulsa backwards?

You can't spell citrus without UT.

You've called in sick from work just to get in line for tickets for the conference championship game.

You've ever had a craving for your opponent's school mascot for a meal.

You mute the TV anytime Holly Rowe speaks, but you make everyone else shut up when either Erin Andrews, Stacy Dales, Bonnie Bernstein, or Lisa Salters says something on camera (sorry Tracy Wolfson fans).

As usual, I am open to more thoughts, ideas, and your own signs of fanaticism.