Too Many Commercials

Tom GCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2008

Do you remember the 2007 Pepsi 400 at Daytona?

What's the first thing that stands out? The margin of victory of .005 seconds? Jamie McMurray snapping a 166-race winless streak?

Or maybe it was the fact that there were barely any commercials.

TNT debuted it's "Wide-Open Coverage" that night giving viewers 22 percent more racing action instead of commercials. The ground-breaking coverage featured no national commercial breaks and had limited commercials for local advertising.

Now the question is: Why can't that be every week?

With commercial breaks seeming more frequent than ever, why can't TV networks work a deal with seemingly endless amounts of sponsors to keep commercial breaks to a minimum and keep the rating up?

If lack of sponsorship for such an idea is unavailable, adopt an idea from the Indy Racing League and run a side-by-side in which commercials and the race are shown simultaneously.

This surely would increase ratings and allow sponsors of the event to get the word out of their product.

NASCAR fans on the whole understand that without commercials, they would be paying for it, but to say that fans can't have a free, uninterrupted race when there are legitimate ideas out there doesn't seem right to me.