Jeff Hardy Update: Was He Really Almost Removed From TNA Final Resolution?

Christopher DunfeeContributor IIDecember 6, 2010

Jeff Hardy - Copyright 2010: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Inc.
Jeff Hardy - Copyright 2010: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Inc.

Considered one of the most popular superstars in sports entertainment this decade, the man behind the paint might be one of the most problematic performers in professional wrestling.

Following a lengthy, successful return to World Wrestling Entertainment, Hardy dug himself into a legal battle prior to signing with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling earlier this year. It appears as if he has yet to learn any lessons with his personal life outside the squared circle.

Multiple online reports surfaced earlier this evening claiming "The Charismatic Enigma" was almost pulled from tonight's TNA Final Resolution pay-per-view event, where he was scheduled to defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship title against "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan.

According to a report from Mike Johnson, of PWInsider, although one source suggested Hardy was removed and sent home, Hardy would go on to compete at the event tonight. Hardy successfully retained the gold tonight during his bout with Morgan.

The report noted prior to the main event, that there had been discussions of changing the card for tonight's show but supposedly the entire issue was an "overblown misunderstanding" and everything was fine in regards to Jeff.

Although, it appears as if there was some substance to backstage concern regarding Hardy.

Sources are indicating that the reason for TNA Wrestling considering removing the TNA World Heavyweight Champion is that Hardy was "hammered" backstage, according to a report from James Caldwell, of PWTorch. Firing him was reportedly never considered an option, but there was indeed discussions on whether or not they should have removed him from the show.

The report notes that management considered several replacement matches, as well as finding a storyline reason for stripping the title from Hardy, but in the end they decided to stick with original idea to let Hardy retain the title.

"The Rainbow Haired Warrior" is due back in Moore County court this Wednesday, in North Carolina, facing charges of drug possession including five felonies, stemming from an arrest on September 11th, 2009.

UPDATE (December 6th, 2010 - 3:18am/EST): PWInsider is now reporting that there were strong talks of stripping Hardy of the title prior to the pay-per-view event. Following a meeting with officials from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, he was given the thumbs up to go out and perform.

The report notes that Hardy claimed his condition was not due to any personal issues but exhaustion from his recent TNA schedule, which included a 20 hour flight from the Middle East and personal appearances in the United States over the weekend.

It was also reported that someone who was in attendance at the event last night noted that Hardy looked exhausted and spoke of how hard his schedule was the last few week.

Apparently the rumors began flying to the "dirt sheets" once word spread that changes were planned for the main event. The report notes that had Hardy been sent home, the plan would have been for Eric Bischoff to announce "The Charismatic Enigma" was injured on the Middle East tour.

The match that would have replaced the main event would have been Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Jarrett for the vacant TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

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