Manager Roundabout 2008

Simon MartinSenior Writer ISeptember 3, 2008

Originally this article was to be written about Kevin Keegan and the city of Newcastle.

It was to lament the passing of a manager who could have made a very stupid club very big.

Don't get me wrong, the Geordies are a fine people, but the men in charge of their beloved club are idiots. Losing Keegan is by far the most stupid thing that Mike Ashley has done (bar buying the club in the first place).

And just when you thought things in football management couldn't get any sillier, Alan Curbishley resigns at West Ham United.

Why? Well, he's resigned on the grounds that he is not allowed a say in the transfer market anymore. Funny how familiar that sounds. Oh wait...

Now I made a vow to myself this year. I would not get wound up, write random, angry articles, and I would occasionally write my full roundup of the Championship matches, every five rounds worth.

Well, I was wrong. Because football is losing the plot more and more every single day.

Who'll be the next manager to go, sack or otherwise?

Are there even legitimate reasons for these so called caring owners and chairmen to stop these managers from doing their jobs?

Bournemouth have sacked their new manager after 4 games this season. Don't think they are going to escape my wrath either!

This manager roundabout lark is getting beyond ridiculous, and it is damaging football. We will see West Ham United, mark my words, not on a battle for top ten football, but in a war for top flight football altogether. Again.

This chopping and changing simply has to stop, somehow. It damages players' morale, it damages the game. Remind me, how exciting the matches are under managers installed less than a month into the season?

I remember watching Les Reed at Charlton, with silent tears running down his face, when he knew he could not get this team to work together properly, nor play even reasonably attractive football. He had been installed after a month and a half of Premiership football, when Dowie was sacked.

Now for Charlton, that was a rare case. They had said goodbye to 13 years of Alan Curbishley the previous summer.

How many managers have been and gone in the same time at West Ham and Newcastle? Ten? Twenty? Too many to count, too many to remember. We'll remember Pardew because he's currently still managing.

It would not surprise me if these two jobs happened to be the last managerial positions Curbishley and Keegan will ever have. The great game lost its great status some years ago, and now "the game" is losing the "game" bit. Why bother going into managerial positions? How much did either Alan or Kevin manage at their respective clubs this season?

No wonder they've quit. Who would want to be a puppet manager at a club like West Ham or Newcastle? If you don't like the job Keegan is doing Ashley, by all means, do it yourself.

And watch your so called beloved club fall further from grace, further into mediocrity and further towards the relegation places - and oblivion beyond.

That goes for West Ham, Bournemouth, soon (I suspect, if results don't go their way), Derby County and if the rumblings at Loftus Road are anything to go by, Queens Park Rangers too.

It's an utter disgrace that tried, and tested, managers of Keegan's and Curbishley's calibre can be treated so appallingly. No wonder they want out.