Silence: Jeff Hardy Was Not Under the Influence at Tonight's PPV.

RiZESenior Writer IDecember 5, 2010

I've been reading multiple stories on Jeff Hardy's backstage problems tonight. I've already seen two articles pertaining to the subject. The original report is that Hardy was almost stripped of the TNA title. Hardy reportedly was unable to compete in the main event.

The sources also stated TNA planned to have Hardy "injured" as an excuse for his condition. But the report also stated those plans were thrown out at the last minute.

The Hardy/Morgan main event went on as planned. If you didn't tune in, Hardy retained the title, again.

The situation was said to be an "overblown misunderstanding."

Hardy has a court date coming up this Wednesday and a relapse right before the date would've absolutely idiotic. While details are scarce, updates will be available shortly.

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