Calm Down, America: Alabama Only Won One Game

Nic GulasSenior Analyst ISeptember 3, 2008

In case you have been living under a rock, you should know by now that Alabama beat Clemson with a severity only reserved for fraternity hazing. 

Yes, a 34-10 beatdown against a team who was supposed to run the ACC this season is plenty of reason for any fan base to get excited. 

But this is Alabama. 

There have been comparisons to past national championship teams, fans are already buzzing about returning to Atlanta on Dec. 6, and ticket prices for future games have already gone through the roof. 

However, this wasn't just any Alabama win.  This was on national television.  The entire country was able to see the nation's No. 1 recruiting class prove its hype, as well as watch year two of a Nick Saban-led team, which usually means good things.

This was an Alabama team allowing zero rushing yards and having an offense for the first time in almost five years. 

The country took notice. 

There has been a divide, as expected, as to whether this was a Clemson collapse or if Bama is just that good in year two under Saban. 

Most people are starting to jump on the Crimson bandwagon, as can be seen below...

* called Alabama the team of the day, "without a doubt."

* Ivan Maisel of says that there is no longer a need to look to the future for Bama fans, because "the future is now."

* Alabama rose from being out of the coaches' poll (No. 26 if you want to get technical) to No. 17.

* The AP poll had Bama at No. 24 preseason, but the Tide practically cut that in half, jumping all the way to No. 13.  That jump was no doubt helped by those voters who just went off Week One performance.  Adam Van Brimmer of the Savannah (GA) Morning News was one of them.  This is what his poll looks like:

1. USC

2. Alabama

That is no lie.  Here it is.  And rumor has it he wasn't the only one who did so.   

* Sports Illustrated has picked Alabama as their cover boys for this week, with the front title proclaiming, "SEC Beware: Alabama Sends an Early Warning" with the article titled, "The Tide is Turning."  At least they had the decency not to put "Bama is Back" on the cover this time. 

* Tostitos went on to name Alabama the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl National Team of the Week.

Of course Alabama fans are loving this attention, considering there hasn't been much good press around the program in quite some time, but here is the message everyone in Alabama and America needs to hear, process, and comprehend.


We are only six days into the college football season.  Most of the big stars on the Alabama team are only six days into their first college football season. 

Alabama won't play Clemson 12 times this season.  The next game is Tulane, not somewhere in December. 

Here, let Nick Saban lay it down for you straight.

That about sums it up. 

Alabama still made mistakes Saturday.  There were costly penalties, overthrown passes, and a couple of missed assignments. 

This team is not perfect. 

This team doesn't deserve to be ranked No. 2 by anyone right now.

This team doesn't need to be ranked No. 13 by anyone right now. 

Alabama has all the tools, it seems, to be a really good team this season. 

In 13 weeks and 11 games, we will really see if Alabama is a good team this season. 

Until then, it was just one game. 


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