Samoa Joe: Now That His TNA Contract Has Expired, Is WWE the Place to Be?

RiZESenior Writer IDecember 5, 2010

If you haven't already noticed, Samoa Joe's TNA contract has expired. While reports suggest Joe will work tonight's PPV and Thursday's Impact.

While I'm fully aware that both sides plan to negotiate a new deal this coming week, this is a golden opportunity for Joe.

For the past few months, Joe has been buried by TNA management. Joe's current standing in TNA pales in comparison to his early run in the company. An undefeated streak that stretched over a year and a decent World Title run.

Now he's losing matches to Jeff Jarrett, and guys like Orlando Jordan. Like I've stated times before, Joe has been having one of the worst years along side buddy CM Punk. TNA has been treating Joe like garbage since Hogan and Bischoff joined TNA.

Joe has also been stuck in pointless angles. The kidnapping angle from months ago was never explained and Joe hasn't been able to regain his momentum since. All of this should point to a major change for Joe. Maybe even a change in companies.

I perfectly understand the handling of former TNA talent by WWE Creative but it's noticeably different in this case. Joe did not leave the WWE for TNA. Even if he did it wouldn't get any worse than his current status in TNA. Joe's a shell of his former self and I am behind any strive for a change.

Maybe a monster heel role in WWE could help his character. Remember Joe has multiple buddies in the WWE. Morrison, Cena and CM Punk are all friends with the "Submission Machine". Maybe a little peer pressure would push Joe to switch companies.

Just imagine Joe taking on Sheamus, Cena, Kane, Orton and maybe even the phenom. It's time for Joe to hit the big time. He will not receive any argument from me.