College Football:A Fan Favorite Rather Than The NFL?

Alex PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2008

As the start of college football is upon us and the eve of the NFL season lingers, it make you wonder which league are people going to be watching.

Now I have been reading article after article and people just really prefer college football more.I know that there are a lot of people out there saying well that just isn't true, but it is.

Just think about it. Almost everyone's favorite team or hometown hero makes it to some type of playoff, also known as a bowl game.Tim Layden of said, "It's hard to find a major college program that doesn't have some sort of personal touch." That, my friends, could be any truer.

After a rather short 12 game season, it helps to think I will get to see my team one last time in the Outback Bowl, for example. So what if my team only went 6-6 or 5-7.

In the NFL you better be at least 10-6 to hope for a wild card, unless you are from the NFC. The NFL is more of a get down to business and don't even think about slipping up kind of league, where as the NCAA reward not only the teams, but the fans who make these teams.

This just may be my opinion, but a rather true fact. Come January let's see how many viewers the NFL on Fox and CBS not to mention the worst network yet, The NFL Network, lose when they start playing Thursday and Saturday games because Notre Dame is on NBC or USC is on ABC.