Denver Broncos Drop a Coach: Tim Tebow To Start or Jumping to Conclusions?

Michael Keller@@MichaelK_NFLAnalyst IIIDecember 8, 2010

Denver Broncos Drop a Coach: Tim Tebow To Start or Jumping to Conclusions?

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    After the Denver Broncos let yet another game slip away against the arch-rival Kansas City Chiefs, are we going to see a change at QB?

    We saw the firing of McDaniels on Monday and now there are many decisions to be made by both Bowlen and interim head coach Eric Studesville. And one of those will be: Who will be playing QB next week and for the rest of the year?

    I actually was one of a handful of Bronco fans in attendance in KC and this may have colored my objectivity just a bit.

    It was one of the more frustrating games in a long line of them this year. Denver had every chance to put this game in the W column, with sometimes-stellar play by the D and the running of Knowshon Moreno.

    And it may be the trigger that forces Bowlen and now Studesville to open the last goody bag in the dwindling basket by letting Tim Tebow show what he can (or can't) do. If he succeeds, they will question why he didn't play sooner. If he fails, then he will have maybe let his short tenure as an NFL QB come to an end, at least in Denver.

Finally, a Denver Running Game

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    Maybe one of the few bright spots from that cold and miserable experience sitting in the KC dreariness.

    Moreno had his best day as a pro, running for 161 yards. He showed patience behind his blockers, some nifty moves and even some power running up the middle.

    If he can continue this effort along with the improving play of the offensive line, things will start to look up (sort of).

    And with Studesville being the ex-running backs coach, I am sure he will continue to focus more on the run game in the coming weeks.

Bailey Showed Once Again Why He Is the Champ

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    Watching CB Champ Bailey totally shut down and frustrate KC WR Dwayne Bowe was truly a thing of beauty. He held Bowe to no catches and was in his jockstrap the entire game.

    Too bad this play had to be wasted on this game, where for one of the few times, the passing offense didn't show up.

    If the Broncos don't put the contract offer back on the table for Champ, they will be making a HUGE mistake. But then, Bailey does deserve a shot at a ring and that won't happen in Denver before he retires.

Not QB Kyle Orton's Best Day as a Bronco

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    This was Orton's worst performance this season as a Bronco. He didn't throw any INTs but he also didn't throw any TDs. He finished the day with a lousy 9-for-28 and 117 yards and only two FGs to show for all the effort that Moreno and the D put in to allow the Broncos to win a very winnable game. This resulted in a QB rating of 45, which is more like JaMarcus Russell than what we have come to expect of Orton this season.

    His biggest issue was his lack of accuracy on most of his throws. He was overthrowing, underthrowing and throwing late much of the time.

    Yes, it was a cold and blustery day but he played at both Purdue and in Chicago, and neither of those places are exactly tropical paradises in December.

    So, does this lead to some decision as to who will be starting Sunday against the Cardinals in Arizona? Studesville already said today that Orton will start, but should he?

Josh McDaniels' Last Day as the Broncos Head Coach

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    Not the picture many "head" coaches would like to have us remember them by, is it? 

    The mistakes made by Bowlen were many and hurt this franchise in ways that will take years to correct.

    He hired a 32-year-old man with no head-coaching or executive experience and gave him virtually a blank check to do as he wished in drafting, free agency and player trades.

    He never was able to assemble a strong coaching staff and had a weak front office as well.

    And the wasted draft picks for players in positions not needed or without the talent to be taken where they were will haunt this organization for a long time.

    But now, Mr. Bowlen has the chance for a do-over and he better get this one right 

Should Tim Tebow Be Standing on the Sidelines or in the Huddle?

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    Considering what McDaniels gave up to draft this guy and all the other needs that were out there to be filled on the defensive side of the ball, will we find out if there is any value in this guy? 

    It doesn't sound like it will happen this week, unless he gets some garbage time or if Orton gets hurt.

    But if he doesn't see any real QB-time under center, what will happen in the offseason? Will he be given a chance to compete for the starting role with Orton? Will Orton even be here? Will Tebow be here? Will Denver go after trading up for Stanford QB Luck in the draft? Will they look to sign another free agent or trade of someone?

    All this will obviously depend on who will be not only the next head coach in Denver but who will be the general manager as well.

    Stay tuned.