Boston Bruins Fire Blanks in the Shootout

Joe GillCorrespondent IIDecember 5, 2010

The shootout has been no friend to the Bruins.
The shootout has been no friend to the Bruins.Abelimages/Getty Images

Anytime the Bruins go to a shootout, you have a similar feeling that Red Sox fans had prior to 2004.

They are going to lose.

Bring back the tie, I say!

I used to hate ties, but the momentum killing of the shootout makes me appreciate the tie so much more.

The NHL adopted the shootout during the 2005-2006 to settle ties. The novelty was great at the beginning.

Shooter versus goalkeeper for the ultimate showdown.

However, the novelty and excitement have worn off.  Granted, Gary Bettman and the NHL had to find ways to make the game sexier after the lockout. They got rid of the “trap” and made the game more offensive-minded, which looked great...on the surface.

To settle a game in a shootout doesn’t always give the best team the best chance to win. Sometimes you are better being lucky than good.

The fate of the game is on your goalie, and goalie only, in the shootout. He doesn’t have his defensemen to rely on to clear the puck and save his bacon.

He is a one-man band.

These games should be determined by the fate of the team. All six men on the ice should have a role in the outcome of the game, and the shootout takes away that chance.

Hey, ties are not the worst thing in the world.

There are such things as “good” ties. If your team is trailing and rallies to tie the game before regulation expires, that is a moral victory. If you win the game in OT, it’s all gravy.

Of course, there are “bad” ties, as well, like if you are the team that blew that lead in the final minutes of the contest. You won’t feel good about your performance, and you must right the wrongs.

However, the shootout still gives you a chance at redemption.

Teams don’t necessarily have to “earn” a win anymore.

As all fans of the Black and Gold know, the shootout has been no friend to the Bruins. Since 2005-2006, Boston is 31-37 in 68 contests decided by shootout, good for a .456 winning percentage, which is in the lower half of the NHL.

The Spoked B even went through a stretch when they lost seven shootouts in a row.  

How is that for a team’s confidence or trying to build momentum in the season? There is no doubt the Bruins were the better team in some of those games. At the end of the day, it’s a point...but also an undeserved loss.

Dear NHL, let’s scrap the shootout and have a 10-minute overtime. Fans would enjoy five extra minutes of overtime excitement more than three minutes of a blind-luck shootout.


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