Atlético Madrid Make Major Move, Set to Sign Brazilian Star Elias

Andre RojterCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2010

One of the brightest rising stars in Brazilian football, Elias, has his bags packed with Atlético Madrid his destination.

Called the best player in Brazil by teammate Ronaldo as far back as last season, Atlético's fans can rejoice because there is a star coming.

A top choice for Brazil's manager to take advantage of in the last couple and highly likely the next several call ups to defend the Seleção. He is a fighter on the field, never tyring and his never give up attitude are just some of the reasons he has fallen on grace with Corinthians fans everywhere.

Elias loves to sneak up near the box during attacks, somehow always managing to surprise the defenders who had long lost sight of him deep in the midfield.

He has the ability to steal the ball and dribble it past several defenders to come face to face with the goalie. He isn't the youngest at 25 years old however I believe this would help him even more with the fact of having to re-establish his life in a new country.

The price is reportedly around seven million Euros, a sum far lower than what he is actually worth.

Here is a small clip of him in action over the last couple of years