The Hottest Reality Show Athletes of All Time

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistDecember 5, 2010

The Hottest Reality Show Athletes of All Time

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    Who says athletes don't belong in reality shows?  That's just not true.

    Anyone who hasn't seen the hotties on this list will probably change their minds.

    I'm here to bring you an amazing combination of super-hot athletes who have appeared on reality shows. 

    Yes, there's quite a few of them.  So get ready to enjoy the list. 

    Let's get started!

Honorable Mention: Barbara De Loor, Dancing With The Stars (Dutch)

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    Before posing with that sexy stare, this former contestant in the Dutch version of Dancing with the Stars was a professional speed skater.

    She competed in the 1998 Nagano Olympic Games, specializing in middle-long and long-distance races.

30. Nadia Comaneci, Celebrity Apprentice

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    She may be one of the older athletes on this list, but she's always had plenty of sex appeal.

    Especially back in her heyday, during the '70s, when she was a gold medal-winning gymnast.

29. Kristi Yamaguchi, Dancing With The Stars

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    From figure skating to doing the rumba and the tango on the dance floor.

    It seemed like a seamless transition for this former Olympic medalist, as she won the Dancing with the Stars title during her season.

28. Jennifer Capriati, Superstars

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    This former Australian Open and French Open winner was quite the hottie during her prime.

    But injuries derailed her once-promising tennis career.

    She's made a comeback of late, appearing in the reality show Superstars and getting paired up with actor David Charvet.

27. Nicole Sikora, The Big Break

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    If it weren't for the reality show The Big Break, we wouldn't have been able to meet some of golf's hottest young aspiring players.

    Meet Nicole.  Thanks to the Golf Channel, we got to watch her pretty face on television.

26. Tina Miller, The Big Break

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    This here is Tina Miller, also of The Big Break.

    She's giving us the sexy face.

    But she can also swing a golf club, really.

    Watch the show.

25. Venus and Serena Williams, Venus and Serena For Real

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    There is plenty of Williams sisters hate out there.

    But you can't deny these two ladies have perfectly toned bodies.  Maybe if we did a part-Venus, part-Serena hybrid we'd come with a much hotter version of the sisters.

    Did you know that their reality show Venus and Serena For Real only lasted for six episodes? There must not have been enough love for these two tennis champions.

24. Amber Prange, The Big Break

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    Sorry for the interruption.  We're back to The Big Break.

    Speaking of which, someone please give a Amber a break because I wouldn't mind seeing more of her.

23. Brandi Chastain, Superstars

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    Many of us remember this moment.

    This was the strip tease that glued our eyes to the television.  All right, it wasn't exactly a strip tease, but it was quite the historic game-winning shootout goal for the Team USA women's soccer team.

    They locked up the women's World Cup and also gave us this popular sports-bra moment.

22. Misty May Treanor, Dancing with the Stars

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    Don't we love sports bras?

    Especially on beach volleyball players.

    Misty May has been making a living playing the sport, but she also surprised us with her ballroom dancing skills on Dancing with the Stars until an injury forced her to withdraw from the competition.

21. Natalie Coughlin, Dancing with the Stars

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    This cutie is an Olympic gold medal-winning medalist, with a medal count of 11.

    She also took part in the ninth season of Dancing with the Stars.

20. Stina Sternberg, The Big Break

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    Here's another pretty face brought to us by The Big Break

    Who knew so many hot ladies can swing the golf club?

19. Kristi Leskinen, Superstars

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    This sexy freestyle skier has made quite a few world championship and X Games appearances.

    And she's also done a few photo shoots in her underwear.

    Call it personal preference, but she does look a lot hotter without her ski jacket.

18. Seema Sadekar, The Big Break

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    Meet the smiling Seema Sadekar, also a golfer.

    Don't you just love those tight outfits?

17. Beth Horn, American Gladiators

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    Don't call her Beth, she just might beat you up.

    She was Venom on the second incarnation of American Gladiators.

16. Jennie Finch, Celebrity Apprentice

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    Ms. Finch is the queen of professional softball.

    Not only does she pitch classic games for Team USA medal wins, but she also looks great in a bikini.

    After retiring from the sports she loved, she tried to work for Donald Trump.

    But that didn't work out.

15. Natalie Gulbis, Celebrity Apprentice

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    Here's another of The Donald's former employees.

    He should have hired her on sexiness potential alone.

14. Shawn Johnson, Dancing With The Stars

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    This petite gymnast showed television viewers that she can dance well in the Olympics, and she can also shake her booty on Dancing with the Stars.

13. Laila Ali, Dancing with the Stars

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    Anytime someone is hot and they can pack a punch, that's sexy in my book.

    Oh yeah, she can dance, too.

    Take a look back at her season of Dancing with the Stars if you can't get enough Laila.

12. Kimiko Zakreski, Summer Sessions

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    Some of you may have followed Kimiko on her quest to make the Winter Olympics as a snowboarder for Canada.

    She was featured on MTV's Summer Sessions.  That's right, she's an athlete, not just another pretty MTV face.

11. KellyAnne Judd, Real World Challenge

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    Speaking of pretty MTV faces.

    KellyAnne does stand out with that cute smile and that great body.

    She first appeared on MTV's Real World and most recently has gotten down and dirty in MTV's Real World Challenge.

    Deep inside that sexy exterior is the heart of a budding athlete.  Believe me.

10. Bridget Dwyer, The Big Break

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    It must be prerequisite for The Big Break contestants to submit their sexiest bikini shots.

    How else can we explain this picture?

9. Gabrielle Reece, Fast Cars and Superstars

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    Back in 2007, this former professional volleyball hottie and former Playboy cover athlete took part in the reality show Fast Cars & Superstars.

    She's also made appearance on ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition and America's Next Top Model.

    That's one impressive resume.

8. Carly Zucker Cole, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here

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    Check out that perfect figure.  That's because she makes a living out of looking hot and staying in shape.

    Mrs. Cole, wife of soccer player Joe Cole, is a model and fitness trainer.

    She's also been on the reality show I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here.

7. Blair O'Neal, The Big Break

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    She's one of the most recent contestants of The Big Break.

    How did she fare?

7. Blair O'Neal, The Big Break

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    Well, she won The Big Break: Dominican Republic.

    It must have been the heels.

6. Jennifer Widerstrom, American Gladiators

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    They call her Phoenix.

    She's even sexier with her dyed ultra-red hair.  Trust me. 

    Watch the replays.

5. Torrie Wilson, I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here

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    She's an extremely hot wrestler.

    But this beauty has also starred elsewhere, not just on the ring.

    No, not there, I know what you're thinking.

    She's been on reality television as a contestant on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here.

4. Gina Carano, American Gladiators

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    Ah yes.  Gina is the hottest Gladiator around.

    They call her Crush because she can pound you like an aluminum can.

    But also because every male age 10-80 who's seen her show has had a little crush on her.

3. Joanna Krupa, Dancing With The Stars

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    "She's not an athlete!  She's a model!"

    That must be what you're thinking.

    Hold that thought, and wait for the next picture.

3. Joanna Krupa, Superstars

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    Poker counts.  You can't say no this pretty face, anyway.


2. Stacy Keibler, Dancing With The Stars

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    Stacey here is one of our most-traveled athletes.

    She's been a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, a pro wrestler and sideline reporter.

    But those legs are best seen when dancing, and that's why her season of Dancing with the Stars is a personal favorite.

1. Estella Warren, Superstars

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    You are looking at a triple threat.  People like her don't come along very often, so enjoy.

    Estelle is a bona fide actress, appearing in numerous movies.

    But she's also been a model, and before that she was an athlete.

    That's right, she was a serious synchronized swimmer and became a national champion at 17.

    When not seeing her selling ads on magazines, you probably also remember her for appearing on the reality show Superstars.