NFL Games on TV: Lights, Camera and Lots of Clutter

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IIDecember 6, 2010

NFL Games on TV: Lights, Camera and Lots of Clutter

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    Do you remember a time when you could watch football on TV, and the only thing you saw on the screen was the actual game?

Clean Screen

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    There was no visual clutter.  But now, every week, the networks add a new logo, a new icon, a new ad.

    Where will this all end?

Score Bug

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    At first it was just a simple little “score bug” that was nicely tucked away in the corner.

Scoring Banner

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    From there the “score bug” grew into the “scoring banner” and appeared on the bottom of the screen.

Updated Scoring Banner

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    Soon the scoring banner was moved to the top of the screen and had extra features added like “real-time” score updates.

Statistic Overload

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    Gradually these on-screen graphics continued to grow.

    Now I’m not saying these screen additions don’t add to the football-watching experience.  What I am worried about is just how far the television networks are willing to take this concept.

    It’s only a matter of time before things start to get out of control.

Camel Racing

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    Don’t be surprised to see your screen suddenly become a billboard for some of the networks’ less popular sports like Camel Racing in Nevada.

Traffic Cam

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    Or, what about adding a Traffic Cam, so you can start stressing about the commute to work a day earlier?

Five Day Forecast

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    Hey, if we are already looking that far down the road, why not stamp on this week’s accu-forecast?

Erin Andrews

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    They may even decide to add a minute-by-minute snapshot of Erin Andrews on the sidelines?  Okay, I’m sure no one is going to be upset with this one.

YouTube Videos

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    How about sacrificing a portion of the screen for YouTube videos?

    What hardcore football fan trying to watch a last second field goal attempt wouldn’t mind seeing an impromptu concert from Keyboard Cat?

Network Logos

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    How about some network logos?  It just wouldn’t be the same watching  the game and not being constantly reminded what network you are tuned into.

Andy Rooney

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    Or the networks’ never-ending need to promo the shows that are still to come.

    How any can any fan possible make it through a football game without knowing that in three hours Andy Rooney will be on, reminding viewers he’s still not dead.


Clean Screen

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    Thank you.  Now please enjoy the game.