The Marksman's NCAA Football Top 25 Week Two, OSU Still On Top

Kenneth Julian IIICorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2008

Yes the Buckeyes are still on top of my poll, they have not done anything to prove they are not the best team. USC is making a hard charging case for that number one spot, and I will be a little more convinced of Georgia when they close out a game.

This week gave us a lot of information from letting us know that Clemson and Pitt were not quite ready just yet for the accolades, and that teams like Alabama and Texas may be ready to make a serious move to at least be talked about in the National Title race.

1. Ohio State(1)—The Buckeyes kept it clean and easy against Youngstown St. Although there will be some worry about RB Chris Wells, the Buckeyes will be fine for the most part.

2. UGA(2)—The Dawgs looked fine, but we are splitting hairs when it comes to UGA and OSU considering both team's competition. However the Bulldogs could have finished a little better against Ga. Southern

3. USC(3)—I thought it was supposed to take the offense a while to get their mojo working. So much for that. The Coaches have USC number one and to be honest that is cool. They look like the most complete team after one game, but call me from Missouri I would like to see it one more time.

4. Oklahoma(5)—Whoopee you showed you can score 50 points in a half against a bad FCS school. Although QB Sam Bradford di look accurate, I would like to see what they do against Cincy this week.

5. Missouri(4)—Ok so giving up 451 passing yards to Juice Williams and Illinois is not exactly good defense, but hey there are maybe three defenses in America that are going to slow down that offense.

6. Florida(6)—They took Hawai'i to the woodshed like everyone expected, but what will the defense do against a really good offense?

7. West Virginia(8)—Yeah Pat White threw for five touchdowns. I know it was against Villanova and I don't care, he looked extremely accurate doing it.

8. LSU(10)—They look good, but I am still worried about when they have to put their QB to the test against a team that can stop the run, or at least slow it down.

9. Wisconsin(9)—They got jumped mainly because the defense did not answer the questions completely. In order for this team to go far they need to defense to return to their 2006 form.

10. Texas(13)—That was a really good FAU team they beat, and to be honest Colt McCoy is starting to look good. Now if they can keep this going there is no telling where this team could go.

11. South Florida(12)—An under the radar victory over a bad FCS team. Still the team looked good and they still look poised to make a deep run at the Big East Championship.

12. Wake Forest(15)—Face it people this team is good. Lost in all the hubbub about how bad the ACC was, the Deacs showed just how good they can be against Baylor. And Clemson better get that line together by the time they play Wake.

13. BYU(14)—Crushing an FCS team in Northern Iowa is what you are supposed to do. Now can they crush Washington on the road?

14. Texas Tech(16)—Just biding their time before they get their chance to shine.

15. Alabama(23)—Where did that come from? Another game like that and this team will be in serious talks for National Championship.

16. Arizona St.(18)—Ok it was not an overly impressive win over Northern Arizona, but they got the job done. And to be honest these days that is all you need. This team will always be coached well.

17. Clemson(3)—They need that offensive line to come together, but we knew that was a concern. What happened to the defensive line? They were supposed to be a strength.

18. Illinois(11)—Ok maybe this is a bit steep of a drop considering no one will stop Missouri and the Illini looked really good on offense.

19. Kansas(17)—Maybe FIU is better than last year, and that is why Kansas was not as dominant.

20. Oregon(20)—They probably should have moved up a little considering how impressive the offense looked and that was a question mark. But consider this a rental spot, I am waiting to see what the offense can do against a better defense, or if they can do this consistently.

21. Auburn(21)—Yeah they looked good, but no better than where i thought they were. Remember Alabama had no business losing to La-Monroe.

22. Fresno State(22)—I am not sure if Rutgers is not as good as I thought, or if this was a really good win. Either way they probably should have moved up because it was an impressive win.

23. Penn St.(NR)—I will be the first to admit i was not on this boat at first, but they can do some damage in the Big Ten if teams are not careful.

24. Oklahoma St(NR)—They need to be given a lot more credit then they are for their victory on the Palouse. That offense looks really good, and the defense doesn't look to bad either.

25. TCU(NR)—Beating New Mexico the way they did was impressive more so defensively containing the offense to a measly 3 points.


Coming In Hot

Utah, Southern Miss, Nebraska, E. Carolina, Boise St.

Slowly Approaching

Cal, Michigan St, Troy, Kansas St, Boston College

Fading Fast

Tennessee, Pitt, Michigan, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, Rutgers

Weekly Beef with the polls:

There is not too much I find wrong with the top fifteen, except Auburn. I really feel they have no business being there considering they have a lot of questions on offense. It is almost disrespectful to have them ahead of teams like Texas and Wisconsin because of all the questions they have.

My main problem comes from the knee jerk reactions of putting UCLA and South Carolina in the top 25. Did anyone watch those games? What about them made anyone think that those teams were top 25 caliber? Was it the terrible QB play at UCLA? or was it the mostly inept (don't let the 34 points fool you) offense of the Gamecocks?

To be honest the Gamecocks at least had a decent QB run, but I don't think that NC State is a measuring stick, at least in that game. I am still on a wait and see basis about South Carolina.

Other than that there is no major beef, although i would like to see them give more credit to Oklahoma State (better win than S. Carolina's). But I like the love they gave to E. Carolina, even though it is only coming because Va Tech was erroneously ranked in the top 25.


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