ECW Recap 9/2/08 or We Really Only Have Eight Stars On This Show Edition

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2008

The ECW go home show before the pay-per-view is over, and it's time to see if they made anyone want to buy this Sunday.

The show opens up with none other than talking.  Now, I like The Dirt Sheet.  I find it very entertaining, but I can't keep stressing the fact that there should never be talking at the top of the hour.  I don't know how many times this needs to be said or why the WWE can't figure it out. 

With that said, the segment was like any typical "let's set up the main event for tonight."  Every member of the scramble is called out one by one to be mocked by Miz and Morrison.  Some of it was funny, but a lot of it was really bad. 

Whoever wrote Matt Hardy's script for tonight really needs to work on his insults and if it was Matt Hardy that thought of it all, then he needs a writer. 

Finlay needs to go back to his old music.  There is nothing threatening about Hornswoggle's music and it just doesn't work for his character. 

The segment ends with everyone beating the hell out of each other when suddenly Evan Bourne and Tommy Dreamer come running in to help Finlay and Hardy.  It was very contrived for those two to show up.  The commentators say that they've had problems with Miz and Morrison but seriously, it looked more like creative needed to throw in two more superstars to make their match. 

Now Dreamer really should have been in the Scramble.  He's such a mainstay with ECW and no matter how long he's gone, the fans are always behind him.  He easily could have replaced Finlay who, because of storylines and not wrestling ability, shouldn't be in the match at all.  Finlay already lost a  qualifier and should not have been in contention for another.

After the break, we see that all 11 men are still fighting backstage.  Teddy Long comes out and announces an eight man tag match.  The first thing I thought was how are they going to fill the rest of the show if all eight of their top superstars are in the main event?

This was going to prove whether or not the rest of the ECW roster is even worth the time and will allow them to capture the audience based on their work rate.

Our first match of the night sees Super Crazy versus Gavin Spears.  Spears somehow already has the entire audience hating him.  He comes out to some decent heat but quickly loses the audience.  No one cared that these two men were in the ring.  You could see people wandering around in the background and looking in other directions. 

At one point, Super Crazy tries to get the fans behind him when he's in peril, but he gets no reaction.  Spears then screams at him "Look.  No one cares about you."  This worked great.  Spears acknowledging the fans lack of reaction shows that he's well aware of his surroundings and this is the first step of becoming a great heel. 

Hopefully, he'll be able to hone this skill and make it work for him.  Spears also used an old school gimmick when he removed his knee pad to knee Super Crazy in the face.  It's little things like this that show how much potential he actually has. 

The match ends with Super Crazy hitting a moonsault from the second rope for the pin.  The fans seem to still be behind Super Crazy whenever he's coming out or wins a match, but he can't seem to keep them during the match.

Ricky Ortiz versus Ryan Braddok is up next.  This match had the same problem as the last.  The fans loved Ortiz coming in the ring but they didn't care about the match until the last few moves. 

Ortiz and Braddok compliment each other so well.  These two must have worked with each other many times in OVW or FCW.  They just worked so well together and I don't think either one of them could duplicate that with anyone else right now. 

Other than that, this match was very basic.  Neither man tried anything out of the ordinary to help try and capture the audience.  Ortiz has the makings of a upper level mid carder and possible main event some day.  If they work this undefeated streak properly, he could go far.

A RAW rebound promo airs.  Usually, these are supposed to push the major stories that are going on in the other brands.  My only question was why was the Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho feud highlighted? 

Isn't there a scramble match that just reintroduced one of there biggest faces, Rey Mysterio, that happened on RAW?  Shouldn't that take the RAW rebound seeing as how this Jericho Shawn feud has already been shoved down our throats enough. 

If the Jericho-Shawn match isn't the main event at Unforgiven, then the company really needs to figure out how to prioritize.

A Smackdown Your Vote promo airs.  Nothing wrongs with this segment.  Keep advertising that everyone should vote come November.  It's a good public service that the WWE is doing.

The main event rolls through and we see Matt Hardy, Finlay, Tommy Dreamer, and Evan Bourne versus Mark Henry, Chavo Guerrero, The Miz, and John Morrison. 

It was interesting to see that only Hardy and Bourne got their entrances played on TV while all the other faces came out during break.  That kind of shows you what the WWE thinks about Finlay and Dreamer right now. 

This match was full of workers and it showed.  This was the most exciting match this week so far and Smackdown is going to have to try very hard to top this one.  The crowd was behind it 100%. 

The heels had very quick tags and they utilized Mark Henry like they should have; the ultimate weapon.  Whenever the heels needed to turn the tide, Henry tagged in and dominated the scene. 

Everything about this match was great, from the psychology to the work rate and the end was perfect.  Henry comes in and gets side stepped by Hardy, which set up the Shooting Star Press, the Frog Splash, the Running Seated Senton, and the Twist of Fate for the pin. 

Hardy getting the pin was a great way to end the show as all the fans were on their feet.  This doesn't look good for Hardy come Sunday, but he's still on a roll and the fans will continue to be behind him, no matter what the outcome.

Overall this show was rather boring, except for the main event.  It really showed that ECW only has eight people that are carrying the brand and they can't put them all in one segment without hurting the show.  The ending does make people want to buy the pay per view, unlike RAW the night before.  My rating: B