MLB's 250,000th Home Run

Kornheiser's CartelContributor ISeptember 1, 2008

Thanks to the guys over at, it has now come to my attention that Major League Baseball is on the verge of its 250,000th home run of all time.

That's a quarter of a million dingers for those of you who get flummoxed by numerous zeroes.

It all started on May 2, 1876 when Ross Barnes (pictured) of the Chicago White Stockings (Chicago Cubs) took Cherokee Fisher of the Cincinatti Reds yard. BaseballReference doesn't count postseason homers in this stat, as far as I can tell, so some may argue that we have already eclipsed this milestone. However if you go with their numbers we stand at 249,810 through the end of August 31st.

Who will hit the historic shot? Only time will tell, but an interesting side note to these numbers is that one-fifth of the 250,000 have been hit since 1999, only nine years ago.