The 50 Hottest "Off Duty" Cheerleaders

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 4, 2010

The 50 Hottest "Off Duty" Cheerleaders

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    They are certain things that you can absolutely count on in life. The Cubs will find a way to be miserable every season. The Patriots will find a way to win. I will gain at least five pounds. And most importantly, cheerleaders will continue to be the hottest thing at any football game. 

    But what happens when cheerleaders are getting a respite from their daily grind of pepping people up? Do they continue to be hot? Of Course they do. I have facts to back it up. 

    Here are the 50 hottest instances of cheerleaders simply chilling. 

Honorable Mention: Clemson

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    These two are as cute as a button. I would say they were sexy, but buttons aren't sexy. 

Honorable Mention: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Cheerleaders, sun, beach, what else do you possibly need? 

50. University of Delaware

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    Here is a Delaware student having wardrobe troubles. I like wardrobe troubles. 

49. Cincinnati Bengals

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    These ladies stop during tryouts to snap a picture. A little too much with the glee, ladies. 

48. Arizona State

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    You will see this cheer squad a lot in this run down—you're welcome. 

47. Cincinnati Bengals

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    Cheer skirts when working, bikinis are worn after hours.

46. Buffalo State

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    The only thing to do at Buffalo State is drink, and drink more. 

45. Michigan

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    Maybe the Wolverines would fare better with her at quarterback. 

44. University of Minnesota

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    Here are some college girls doing what I will never be able to do in a million years.

43. Arizona Cardinals

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    She would make Cardinals games almost watchable. 

42. Cincinnati Bengals

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    There is nothing like togetherness. The main reason is it allows nine hot women to get into the shot together. 

41. Arizona State

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    There is nothing wrong with these girls, absolutely nothing. 

40. Atlanta Hawks

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    Here we have former Hawks cheerleader, Briana Blair. She recently did porn. Now you are all frantically googling her name. 

39. Arizona State

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    What would the holidays be like without hot girls like this?

    Very cold, I tell you.

38. Baltimore Ravens

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    The Ravens cheerleaders in the offseason. The best way to gear up for another season is to relax by the pool.

    Life is good. 

37. USF

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    It is mandatory at USF that all cheerleaders have their pom-poms on them at all times.

    I just made that up—sounds good, though. 

36. USC

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    The college version of the evil empire boasts some very fine women. 

35. Texas Longhorns

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    Longhorns on an off day, wearing their off day clothes. 

34. North Dakota State

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    I didn't know there were hot girls in North Dakota. I didn't even know there were cameras there. 

33. Philadelphia Eagles

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    There are so many hot women in the world. Most of them are in this picture. 

32. Denver Nuggets

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    Going with the obvious Hawaiian feel of Denver, I give you the Denver Nuggets cheerleaders. 

31. Army

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    It makes you want to run out and volunteer right now, doesn't it? 

30. Dallas Cowboys

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    I dare you to simulate this act. Now go call a doctor. 

29. Houston Texans

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    Even in everyday, normal clothes, the Texans are just astounding—the women, not the men.

28. Florida Gators

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    There better be a lifeguard on duty. That kiddie pool looks treacherous. 

27. NFL Cheerleader Lilly

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    I don't think anyone will notice your makeup Lilly. The fact that you have a face at all is icing on the cake here. 

26. Dallas Stars

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    Dallas Stars ice girls taking a breather. Amen for those outfits. 

25. Washington Redskins

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    Now if you could cheat the ball to the left a little. 

24. Florida State

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    Those are some gigantic smiles these girls have. 

23. Sacramento Kings

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    I would drink, too, if I lived in Sacramento. 

22. Philadelphia Eagles

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    These girl are unbelievably hot. I am staring at the pic and I just don't believe it.

    I must see them in person.

21. New York Jets

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    Just simply wow. That is all. 

20. Miami Dolphins

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    Now lose gramps and you have a shot at the top 10, ladies. 

19. Miami Dolphins

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    It is almost unfair that Miami has a virtual monopoly on gorgeous ladies. 

18. Kansas City Chiefs

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    This is a hard-ass crew. You need to get jumped in if you want to be a Chiefs cheerleader. 

17. Oregon

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    My god, I picked the wrong college to attend. 

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    I just met my wife. Someone let her know. 

15. UCLA

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    California girls partying and carrying on while being hot? If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it. 

14. Kansas Jayhawks

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    Aw, ladies don't leave. You were just getting started. 

13. San Antonio Spurs

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    These Spurs girls will be happy to take Eva off of Tony's mind. 

12. Miami Heat

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    Seriously, I hate you Miami. 

11. Indianapolis Colts

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    This Colts cheerleader looks a lot better than the team has the past couple of weeks. 

10. Stanford

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    This is how Stanford women go to class.

    I'm not lying, check it out. 

9. New York Giants

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    Sold. I have no idea what she is selling, but I am sold.

8. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Don't cheerleaders ever wear clothes?

    Not that I am complaining. 

7. Atlanta Falcons

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    I am convinced cheerleaders only have cheer outfits, bikinis and lingerie in their wardrobes.

6. Philadelphia 76ers

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    This is how hot women take a five-minute break. 

5. Philadelphia Eagles

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    I need to hot-foot it to Philadelphia. Their women are ridiculous. 

4. Houston Texans

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    I had a dream once that had a very similar image. I tried my best to never wake up. 

3. Oregon

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    I am convinced I should have matriculated to Oregon. I was so stupid. 

2. Asian Games Cheerleaders

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    I have a big fetish for hot women. Call me weird. 

1. Cincinnati Bengals

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    The only thing that would make this picture perfect is me standing in the middle.