AFC South Preview

Smush HigginsAnalyst ISeptember 2, 2008

David Garrard and the Jacksonville Jaguars are searching for their first division title in five years. But this is a challenge that they may not be able to meet, due to the strength in the rest of the division.

Predicted Standings:

Colts: 12-4

Jaguars: 11-5

Titans: 9-7

Texans: 7-9

On the Hot Seat:

David Garrard QB, Jaguars; Vince Young QB, Titans

Best Offensive Player:

Peyton Manning QB, Colts

Best Defensive Player:

Bob Sanders SS, Colts

Best Rookie:

Chris Johnson RB, Titans


Now if the Jaguars want to win the division, they have to want it. Play and practice hard every day, and want it.

Their defense is awesome, and on offense they have two great elusive Running Backs in Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.

And if Tennessee wants to compete for a wild card spot, they have to play like Jacksonville. They have to want to win as well.

I'm sorry Texan fans, but they have no chance. With Indy, Jacksonville, and Tennessee in the same division as them, and Matt Schaub as your QB, it would be a miracle for you to get a wild card.

They wasted their first round pick on Duane Brown, (OT, Virginia Tech) who I projected to go in the third round.

I am very anxious to see how this division turns out.