Why LT May Not Be the Top Fantasy Back He Appears to Be

Matthew GilmartinSenior Analyst ISeptember 2, 2008

What I'm about to say will shock fantasy football owners everywhere.  It may even start a riot.  I'll certainly get some comments saying I've lost my mind and that I don't know anything when it comes to football. 

But here goes: LaDainian Tomlinson, aka LT, may not be the top fantasy pick owners across the nation are touting him as.

Lee Jenkins wrote in his preview of the Chargers in the NFL Preview issue of Sports Illustrated that 2008 third-round pick Jacob Hester out of LSU is expected to get the majority of the Chargers' goal-line and short-yardage carries in place of LT. 

Hester is 5'11" and 225 lbs., only one inch and four pounds heavier than LT.

But LT has always been known as an elusive, finesse back with deadly speed, quickness, and agility, although he can also power through or push aside weaker defenders if he needs to. 

Hester is more of a versatile power back whose game has far more of a physical, smash-mouth edge to it—a perfect fit for goal-line and short-yardage situations.  This makes him perhaps the best sleeper pick for this fantasy season.    

In his senior year at LSU in 2007, Hester filled a plethora of roles for the eventual national champions.

He caught passes as a fullback, ran the ball as a running back, blocked well for the offense, earned a reputation as a tackling machine on special teams coverage units.

With Hester on the roster, LT's fantasy production likely will not be the only thing to drastically change for the Chargers players'.