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bob mantz@bobsblitzSenior Writer ISeptember 2, 2008

Jenn "Broadway Bombshell" Sterger turned a chance 15 second TV glimpse and a Brent Musberger comment into appearances in Maxim and Playboy magazines (within one month of each other) and a job writing for Sports Illustrated.
Now she is host of the New York Jets’ “Keys to the Game” pregame show at home games and handles halftime & sideline journalistic duties.

But things haven’t always gone smoothly for Sterger. The Internet—which helped fuel her wild popularity—has also been a breeding ground for detractors.
A Google of "Jenn Sterger" pulls up tens of thousands of fan sites and admirers. But it also pulls up thousands of derogatory comments and falsehoods.

Jenn joined Bob Mantz and the Blitz for a 45-minute conversation today. This double major (psychology and criminal justice) is almost at the three-year anniversary of the Musberger statement (Sept. 5) and is proving all the cynics wrong. 15 minutes? Hardly.

The Blitz will present this article in two parts. We’re going to address all of the web misconceptions, her thoughts on Erin Andrews, and…why the hell she was driving to Tampa with blood on her hands.

We will be receiving some never-before published photos of Jenn that will grace Part II—hopefully appearing Friday, Sept. 5, 2008. We also have been told that she will have some breaking news next week to report. Stay tuned.

Bob’s Blitz: How’s Jersey been treating you?

Jenn Sterger: It’s a little different than I’m used to, but Hoboken has been great.

BB: Well, you’ve got Florida-like weather here this week. And they’ve got Hannah.

JS: It’s actually a lot nicer than Florida right now. Hanna sucks, but Gustov just skirted my parents, so they’re ok.

BB: Well that’s good to hear. Thank you for calling us today.

JS: No worries!

BB: What was your relationship with the Jets prior to joining them full time this season? I’ve seen you on the sidelines a few times the past couple of years.

JS: The Jets had me do celebrity interviews, and they also had me there as a celebrity guest, as a Playboy model, and as an SI columnist. They received a very good response to me and liked how I interacted with the fans.
So this year they thought I would be a great face for the Jets, utilizing an idea that the Philadelphia Eagles use—a totally in-house media production center and something other than random dudes in the box above.
So they gave me a shot and, and I’ve had an absolute blast so far this season. The work is Jets’ property and will be Jets’ web material, but I am hoping SNY and CBS pick up some of it as well. I’ve done some interviews for SNY, and anything that they pick up would be awesome.

BB: What is your security detail like while you patrol the sidelines?

JS: I have a bodyguard—Tim—and he is excellent. He can throw down. The Jets haven’t introduced me into the crowd yet—I’m mostly on the sidelines—but once I start to do crowd interviews (if we decide to go that route) and such, he will be a big help.

BB: Well, just a tip for Tim: If he sees "Broadway Joe" and Joe’s had a couple, keep him away from you.
JS: Laughter. I know! Exactly, right.

BB: Sarah Palin is an ex-sports journalist and she’s just been named VP candidate for John McCain. You’ve said that, in the end, you want to "matter." So what do you do from here?

JS: I look at every opportunity and don’t rule things out. I’ve turned things down that were not a good fit. The Jets seemed like a great move for me. I’m really liking the city, which is something that I didn’t think I’d ever say! I don’t plan on running for VP anytime soon, but later in life, if the shoe fits, then so be it.

BB: OK, I want to clarify some things. There are misconceptions on the Internet.

JS: Oh, believe me, that’s my day to day.

BB: Ever met Brent Musberger?

JS: Met him at the University of Oregon, and I was shocked that he remembered me. He said that he had no idea what was going to come from those 15 seconds of film, but that I gave him one of the best cutaway shots they’d had in years.
It was a blast meeting him, and he’s a super nice guy. I run into his crew from time to time, and they always ask for new pictures and such and, of course, I am very gracious about that! He’s an outstanding sportscaster, and I absolutely love him.

BB: And it just snowballed from there—those 15 seconds?

JS: Within six months, Playboy and Maxim had tracked me down and published. Playboy’s recruiters asked around. They said we do not know who she is but here’s a picture and luckily my boss at the time said, “Oh yeah, she’ll be into work in an hour.”
Maxim found me as well and fast tracked the issue. I was in New York for the first time ever, freezing cold in December,  a few days later and the Maxim layout came out in March followed by Playboy in April. And I was able to see New York at Christmas time.

BB: Cool. So, how long after Maxim did SI contact you?

JS: SI contacted me in February of 2006, looking for me to write about the whirlwind that had been my life since Sept. 5, 2005. So I wrote them a story that was passed to their editors, and they were shocked that I was able to write complete sentences.
Then they tried me out doing a sports-themed advice column that grew into gameday interviews and articles, talking about what it is like to be the college fan.

BB: So why did it end? Were you fired?

JS: I had a contract. I fulfilled all my obligations, but it seemed like my time with them had run its course. I have a great relationship with them still, and I look at assignments with them on a case-to-case basis.
I was not fired, like some say I was. And I was upset that no one took to defending me on the Internet when it came to that "story," because I was never fired.
I had done everything that I could do with them, and your career needs to progress at some point. I keep them in my speed dial, and they are about to do an article on my signing up with the Jets. I have a great relationship with them, so if things work out with them in the future, awesome.

BB: OK, so we’ve taken care of one thing. I know you are going to love this one. Reality TV. Ever audition for any of it?

JS: I have never auditioned for reality TV. I have met with producers regarding opportunities, but you know what? My life is not a hot enough mess for them. They need so much more drama...than my life is...I don’t have this psychological disorder resume to get on one of those shows.
I’m not trying to date Flavor Flav or Brett Michaels or anyone like that so there really is no point to me doing reality TV at this point.

BB: And you know the psychology of it because you were a double major in psych and criminology, right?

JS: Exactly!

BB: So Law School was a definite possibility?

JS: It was a definite possibility! I still toy with the idea from time to time. I definitely will end up going to law school. The work I’ve done to date will allow me to attend, perhaps, Stetson or even go back to Florida State University College of Law and not have it be a financial liability for my parents.

BB: OK, back to now. Two weeks away from Jets-Patriots and your first real Jets game as the sideline girl.

JS: Doing this in front of 80,000 people from New Jersey and New York is not like rehearsing in front of the PTA or my parents. It is intimidating. The fans need to get there early. And part of the reason that the New York Jets decided to have me do these shows is to hopefully get some of the people out of the parking lot and into their seats earlier.
I know there were actually people tailgating for the Giants game at 7 AM! We’d like folks to come in and enjoy themselves, perhaps with an adult beverage, but out of the parking lot and into the stadium. It makes everything so much easier.

BB: Yes, the Blitz has seen buses heading down the Turnpike very early in the morning on game day. 80,000 fans & a huge game against the Super Bowl losers looming in less than two weeks. Who is working harder – "Broadway Brett’s" Jets or "the Broadway Bombshell?"

JS: I think we equally have our jobs cut out for us. Brett Favre obviously has been doing this a little longer than I have...a little bigger resume...but he has a lot to prove in NY. He’s done a great job bonding with his team and watching his first game in the Meadowlands against Washington how the fans received him was just awesome!
It was one of those things where you could just feel like you were witnessing history. They all gathered in the tunnel, and then they all ran out as teammates for the first time with him being a Jet, and I think that was one of the coolest things I’ve ever watched.
I watched from the tunnel where you can look out and see the bright lights, and when he ran out...the fan just had chills down your spine.

BB: And that was a preseason game. Wait two weeks.

JS: I know. Wait two weeks and it’s against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

BB: Have you interviewed Favre?
JS: I have not interviewed Brett yet, and I would love to. He has a great story, and that includes his wife Deanna and her battle with breast cancer. I think he is one of the most outstanding guys in the NFL.

BB: OK, let’s clear up another one.

JS: Sure...

BB: ESPN Radio. Erin Andrews. Suck it or 2nd?

The Blitz will have the second part of the Jenn Sterger Success Story and the answer to the Erin Andrews question hopefully up by Friday. We are awaiting photos from a Sterger Shoot (taking place today, Sept. 2, 2008) as well as some other never-before published shots.
We’ll find out who takes longer to prep for a shot—Sterger or Andrews—Jenn’s prediction on the Jets' record, and a why was she driving to Tampa with blood on her hands, hoping the cops didn’t stop her.

Eventually, we will make limited audio of the interview available where Jenn addressed specific questions that were previously taken as fact with no proof or citations given.

While you are awaiting the conclusion, visit Jenn’s Blog here and her official web site here. Bookmark both along with Bob's Blitz or simply use the FeedBlitz above left in order to be notified when we have the photos.

-Bob Mantz


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