Three Reasons I Hate College Football, One Reason I Don't

chad lamasaCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2008

I have tried repeatedly over the course of my life to be a college football fan. I've never been able to do it.

When I was I kid, I was into Notre Dame for a while, but the NFL always won out.

Maybe it's because Duke has never had a good football team (at least that I can remember). Whatever the reason, it never took.

During the first couple of weeks of every new season, I try again. I'll find myself starting to get hooked on a game, and then it happens. Reason No. 1 why I don't like college football:


The Overtime

Both teams get to start in field-goal range, at the opponent's 25-yard line. There is no game clock, only a play clock.

This is one of the most ludicrous things in all of sports.

As Scott Van Pelt said on the Tirico and Van Pelt show today (paraphrasing), "football is played on a 100-yard field and is timed."

SVP also stated that you should "at least have to get one first down before you are in field-goal range." 

Maybe they could have them start at the 50-yard line instead of at the 25. At least that way you would actually have to work to get in range.

The way it is now, why can't you just kick a field goal on first down?

This giving away of points reminds me of reason No. 2:


The Lack of Defense

You always have these insane scores, like 57-0 or 49-35. If I wanted high scores and no defense, I'd watch the Arena league.

I understand that point differential factors in to who goes to bowl games and who doesn't, but come on. Sometimes it seems like the offenses can just score at will.

This brings me to reason No. 3:


The Lack of a Playoff System

The BCS is the most convoluted thing ever; if someone can explain it to me, I'd love to hear it. No, seriously, can someone please try to explain it to me?

There needs to be some kind of playoff system. I not talking March Madness, here, but maybe take the top eight or 10 teams and have them play for a true title.


Of course I am oversimplifying these, but they are all things that bother me about college football.

Even if they only fix the third one, I think I would be more interested.

My complaint is, what if I get invested in a team that has success but winds up ineligible to contend for the national title?

What an anti-climatic way to end the season. If I was a Boise State fan a couple years ago, when they were undefeated but weren't able to contend for the title, I would have been extremely disappointed.

Now with all that being said, there is one thing I really do like about college football:



As far as I'm concerned, the atmosphere of a college game puts the NFL to shame.

Between the fight songs, the tailgating, and the fact that, in many cases, an entire town—or even region—gets behind these teams, I am just amazed.

Many of the college stadiums are bigger than NFL stadiums, and they are always sold out. College fans are probably even more rabid than their NFL counterparts.

A lot of this probably comes from the fact that many colleges are in small towns without pro sports.


So, if anyone can make me see the error of my ways, and help me become a college fan as well, please feel free to enlighten me.