Skip Bayless's Top Ten Most Ludacris Opinions

Joe WoodsonContributor ISeptember 2, 2008

So for the #1 guy on our “guys we hate” list, this guy has to have some ridiculously stupid opinions. here they are folks. BTW for more articles of mine including the Guys we hate list check out

#10 - He stated that the much hyped Oscar De la Hoya–Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight should have been a draw, despite public opinion veering in Mayweather’s favor.

#9 - Following Tom Coughlin’s decision to play his starters during the final game of the 2008 regular season, after the Giants had already clinched a playoff spot, Skip called the decision the worst single-game decision ever made. Even after the Giants won Super Bowl XLII by beating the New England Patriots, Bayless refused to admit that Coughlin made the right move, calling the decision the worst pre-playoff decision ever made. He cited that no other coach would have done it and that three starters were hurt. He also admitted that it worked for no good reason.

#8 - He often refers to LeBron James as “Lebrick James” for his inability to make threes.

#7 - He is also known to be relatively critical of Boston Celtics star power forward Kevin Garnett, referring to him as “Kevin ‘Garnot”.

#6 -  Bayless also used to heavily condemn Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning due to his never winning any “big games” in his career.

#5 - Bayless hates  Terrell Owens, whom he calls “Team Obliterator.” He also calls quarterback Tony Romo “Tony Romeo” for participating in a highly-publicized romance with Jessica and carrie underwood

#4 - Bayless has repeatedly stated that field goals and extra point attempts (PATs) should be done away in the National Football League

#3 - He says that all professional players should be banned from nightclubs

#2 - his belief that Tiger Woods is not the greatest golfer of all time

#1 - He has stated that the NBA regular season is more exciting than March Madness - (grounds for insanity)


want more skip ? - check out www.ruleroto.comor do a youtube search and watch him proclaim how the Dark Knight wasnt that good and also watch him tell a black guy he knows nothing about rap..........ohh skip.