Where's the Media Outrage About USC Leapfrogging Georgia in AP Standings?

Gerald BallCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2008

As you can see, USC has leapfrogged UGA in the coaches' poll despite both teams winning. Now, according to the history that I brought up in this article on BCS controversies, such a crime against not only college football, but decency itself should not be countenanced!

If Texas (a more talented and incontrovertibly better team) leapfrogging California and getting the Rose Bowl was such an evil occurrence, why is it OK for USC to leapfrog Georgia?

The circumstances were similar: Texas won their last game that year in a rout while California barely beat a mediocre Southern Miss team (and they were not mediocre because USM is a small college team—actually USM was mediocre even by mid-major standards that season. They didn't win their conference and they lost their bowl game). But the national media to this day regards Cal's being leapfrogged by a team with the same record after winning as some great injustice and horror.

LSU-USC in 2003? Similar story. Members of the media called LSU's championship a cruel joke, a sham, a fraud, etc. and that would forever have an asterisk beside it. (I am actually restating what people, especially nationally syndicated columnist Jim Litke of the AP, wrote.)

Why? Because the system had the nerve to leapfrog the team with the better record against the tougher schedule (again, which was why LSU was in the title game to begin with) ahead of USC, correctly deciding that beating the BCS No. 2 in Oklahoma was more impressive than beating a 10-3 Michigan. 

I also remember 2004. When Auburn briefly tied Oklahoma during that season after Oklahoma's terrible pass defense was exposed, Bob Stoops went to the media proclaiming that it was not only unjust, but a MEDIA CONSPIRACY.

Never mind the fact that if there was such a conspiracy, it would be in favor of HIS TEAM, because ESPN/ABC, the primary opinion maker of such matters, has the contract for the Big 12 games where CBS, virtually powerless to influence college football writers, carries SEC games.

But it had its desired effect, pollsters were convinced to ignore the fact that Oklahoma had only beaten one ranked team all season and that their secondary was a sieve after their only good DB was injured.

Result? Matt Leinart looked almost as good against that same Oklahoma secondary as Texas A&M's Reggie McNeal, now playing for the Toronto Argonauts after an attempt by the Jets to turn him into a wide receiver failed, did. For that matter, Leinart looked almost as good against that Oklahoma secondary as Oklahoma State, coached by future LSU coach Les Miles, did.

Am I saying that Matt Leinart's great performance against Oklahoma's secondary was no big accomplishment? Well, no. I am just saying that the media thought that it would have been SUCH A CRIME to objectively look at the data and subjectively look at their secondary get SHREDDED by the QB impersonators at Texas A&M and Oklahoma State and leapfrog the team with the No. 1 scoring defense in the NCAA over them? 

Oh well, seeing USC leapfrog UGA in the polls, I guess not. Keep in mind: I fully support USC being ranked No. 1, see this article written the very day that USC crushed Virginia, who went 9 - 4 last season, on their home field.

What I am pointing out is the hypocrisy of members of the media that whine and cry when their favorite teams get leapfrogged or left out only to later say "the system worked!" when it happens to teams that they could care less about, which in this instance is every team in the SEC save maybe Florida.