All's Well That Ends Wells: Beanie "Is Going to be Fine"

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All's Well That Ends Wells: Beanie

The Buckeye Nation and college football fans everywhere have been on "Beanie Watch" for the last three days. 

Prognosticators on ESPN, CBS Sportsline,, and blogs everywhere have pulled their medical degrees out of nowhere and diagnosed the situation.

"It looks like a ruptured achilles," they said on ESPN.

"He has torn a ligament in his foot," they said on CBS Sportsline.

"It's turf toe... a sprained foot... he jammed his big toe," said the blogs.

"This is devastating to Ohio State," they said on

The uniformed all have a diagnosis.  But no one save Beanie Wells and the Ohio State medical staff ever really knew the truth.

It goes to prove that sometimes having too much information swirling around isn't necessarily a good thing.

Ohio State fans haven't been able to get the picture of Beanie Wells collapsing to the ground out of their minds.  Everywhere you go in Columbus you hear someone talking about it.

"What do you think is wrong with Beanie?"

"Will he be able to play in the USC game?"

"I hope this isn't another Keith Byars situation."

Keith Byars was a superstar running back and Heisman favorite going into the 1985 season.  He had some other major players on the offense, including receiver Chris Carter and quarterback Jim Karsatos. 

But when Byars broke a bone in his foot during the last contact scrimmage of the pre-season, Ohio State lost its home run hitter.  Its sure-bet tailback.  The emotional leader of the team.

The team didn't collapse.  They perservered and finished 9-3.

Will the 2008 Buckeyes suffer the same fate?  A 9-3 record for this squad would be a big letdown. 

This was the team that was going to win their third consecutive outright Big Ten Championship (for the first time ever in the Big Ten), this was a team that was going to go to a third straight national championship game, and most importantly, this was the team that was finally going to close the deal and bring that crystal football back to Columbus.

Well, don't worry Buckeye Nation.  Everything is going to A-ok.

Jim Tressel, at his weekly press lucheon, indicated today that he understands the concern, but that it might be a little overdone.

"Tell them to worry about Gustav", he said, referring to the Hurricane that recently hit the Louisiana coast. "Beanie is going to be fine."

Tressel added, that in this morning's meeting with the trainers, Beanie was listed as doubtful for the game Saturday against Ohio University.

Immediately after he said, "but then I saw Beanie at 10:30 this morning in the training room, and he said he felt great."

The bottom line: "If he's ready, he goes."

A cloud of mystery still remains.  Why doesn't anyone know what is wrong?  Why can we not have a fancy word to describe the injury?

Remember Buckeye fans, Tressel is notorious for being vague.  What reason does he have to disclose that information?  Why not keep it under wraps?

So when asked what is wrong with Beanie?  Tressel simply answers, "His foot's hurting."

Summing it up the best he could.

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