WWE Pay-Per-View: Possible Changes to Announce Team On The Horizon

Jason TaylorCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2010

Sports Entertainment Sccops (sescoops.com) is reporting that World Wrestling Entertainment officials have discussed making changes to their announce team for pay-per-view programming, possibly starting with the Tables, Ladders and Chairs event on Sunday, December 19.

Reports within WWE are that Smackdown's Todd Grisham isn't getting high marks for his work, which caused WWE to replace him on the show with Michael Cole.

It has also been reported that Cole and Jerry Lawler don't like working with Matt Striker; during the Survivor Series PPV event, Cole removed his headset and yelled at Striker for talking too much.

CM Punk could end up being Striker's replacement on pay-per-view events, which would make the team solely consist of Raw announcers, and the company doesn't want Smackdown coming off looking like a second-rate brand.

Since pay-per-view programming is a large part of WWE's financial income, Smackdown's image may have to take that hit in the process.