Watching LeBron James in Cleveland and My Plea for Derek Jeter in New York

Kate ConroySenior Analyst IIJanuary 17, 2017

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

I couldn’t do it, nor do I ever want to have to do it.

Watching LeBron James come back to face his old Cleveland Cavilers in a Miami Heat uniform was all I needed to see.

I don’t want Derek Jeter in any other uniform but a New York Yankees’ one.

These last few weeks have been awful for Yankee fans. The emotions of hating the Yankees to calling the "Captain" a greedy asshole, it has been nothing but short of awful.

Who is at fault? Who should take the blame?

I didn’t know what to think, but after watching the anger in the eyes of the Cavs fans and then imagining how hard a night this must be for James sent shivers up my spine.

This was not a business, not tonight, not on that basketball court. James took less money to go where he would win a championship; Jeter has already won New York five of them.

That pure passion and love for one player cannot be bought, as the Cleveland fans are hurt and heartbroken.

If Derek Jeter were no longer in pinstripes, no longer my Captain and no longer in my hometown of New York, I would be crushed.

So, this marks the end of the blame game for me.

Whether Jeter re-signs is up to him and the Yankees. Both sides might be in disagreement on everything right now, except one thing.

The fans.

The Jeter fans, the Yankees fans and the New York fans need their Captain back, but not like this. Both sides need to meet in the middle now.

Fact remains, Jeter and the New York Yankees are perfect together.

It is what makes New York fans wear the pinstripes with such pride; don’t Cleveland us please.

Any Yankee fan who rips me apart....please bring it on.

You and I both know that the Yankees are better because of Derek Jeter, the person and the player.

This will be my last article on Derek Jeter's negotiations until the decision is made.