Philadelphia Eagles: Rating the Best Quarterbacks In Eagles' History

Frank Fittipaldi@@Frank_FittiCorrespondent IIDecember 3, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles: Rating the Best Quarterbacks In Eagles' History

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    The quarterback position has not been the strongest throughout the history of the Philadelphia Eagles, but there are some who stand out.

    There have been some exciting quarterbacks for the Eagles franchise, even if they were booed on draft day.

    Here are the the top quarterbacks in Philadelphia Eagles' history.

Michael Vick (2009-Present)

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    I know Michael Vick has only been with the Eagles for one full season, but his potential to be great in Philly is what puts him on here. Vick is in his second season with the Eagles and the fans in Philly have loved him. 

    Vick is an MVP candidate this season and he is one of the favorites to win the award. Although Vick is a free agent at the end of the year, there is no way the Eagles can let him walk.

    He can be great for Philly in the years to come.


    Noticeable Stat:

    • Vick had six total touchdowns in Week 10 against the Redskins.

Randall Cunningham (1985-1995)

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    How can Eagle fans forget Randall Cunningham? Cunningham was one of the most exciting players of his time. 

    Cunningham spent 11 seasons with the Eagles and put up some big numbers during his time there.

    No. 12 led the Eagles to four playoff appearances but only came away with one postseason victory in 1993, when the Eagles defeated the Saints.


    Career With Eagles:

    • 22,877 passing yards
    • 150 touchdown passes
    • 4,482 rushing yards
    • 32 rushing touchdowns

Ron Jaworski "The Polish Rifle" (1974-1986)

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    For those of you who know Ron Jaworski as the announcer for Monday Night Football, he was a great quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Jaworski spent 13 seasons with the Eagles that included five playoff appearances including a trip to the Super Bowl in 1980. Jaworski lost his only Super Bowl appearance to the Raiders, 27-10.


    Career with Eagles:

    • 26,963 passing yards
    • 176 touchdown passes
    • Five playoff appearances
    • 10 playoff touchdown passes

Donovan McNabb (1999-2009)

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    After being booed on draft day by Eagle fans in 1999, Donovan McNabb responded by having an illustrious career with the Eagles.

    McNabb spent 11 seasons with the Eagles before being traded to the Redskins before the 2010 season. Regardless of how the fans feel about him, McNabb has accomplished the most for the Eagles at the quarterback position.

    McNabb led the Eagles to eight playoff appearances and one Super Bowl appearance in 2005 in which they lost to the New England Patriots


    Career with Eagles:

    • 32,873 passing yards
    • 216 touchdown passes
    • 3,250 rushing yards
    • 28 rushing touchdowns
    • 8 playoff appearances
    • 1 Super Bowl Appearance
    • 5 NFC Championship games (including four straight, 2002-2005)