Beamer Pulls The Redshirt Off Taylor

Justin CocchiolaCorrespondent ISeptember 2, 2008

Word is spreading around campus that Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer has announced Tyrod Taylor will play Saturday, against Furman.

This coming two weeks after Beamer announced that Taylor would be redshirted this season.  Whether Taylor will start has yet to be announced, but he will play in the Hokies upcoming game.

I truly felt the Hokies would wait it out a couple more weeks to see what Sean Glennon would give them on offense.  Glennon may still be the starter, he may not be; however, last weeks loss wasn't all Glennon's fault.

The offense against East Carolina became very predictable as offensive coordinator, Bryan Stinespring, continued to call running plays on first and second downs, which forced him to put the ball in the air on third down.  This led to hardly any offensive success as ECU's defense was able to make the proper adjustments against the Hokies all game.

Glennon did not look sharp, but besides Stephan Virgil who did for the Hokies?  Nobody played up to their capabilities, and sadly this all gets blamed on Glennon.

Glennon was part of the problem on Saturday, but so were the receivers, offensive line and defense.  You win as a team, you lose as a team.  This is something I feel Hokie fans have forgotten about when it comes to Sean Glennon.

Taylor gives us that added dimension on offense, but it's not like he helps us any more through the air.  Glennon is the better passer, that's why he was named the starting quarterback.

I would be surprised if the coaching staff chose to permanently bench Glennon, and have Taylor be the number one guy.  I'm not sure we'd see much of a change in our offense.  To say what kind of offense Virginia Tech runs, I honestly can't tell you.  It seems to change on a week to week basis.

Tech needs to find an offensive philosophy and stick to it.  Whether that's the two-quarterback system or more of a run first pass when you have too style, something needs to be installed permanently because nothing has worked effectively since we lost Bryan Randall.