Around the NBA: In Defense of Scott Skiles

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Around the NBA: In Defense of Scott Skiles musings on the winners and losers at the quarter mark of the NBA season...


Scott Skiles shouldn't have been fired so early, especially given the way his teams are known for coming on late in the season.

Skiles may be stubborn to the bone—but when a hardworking coach gets canned a quarter of the way into the year, it reeks of a lottery pick waiting to happen.

GM John Paxson is effectively admitting past mistakes in looking to deal Ben Wallace and others. Maybe Paxson should have showed some of the same leniency to Skiles.

It’s clear that Skiles’ old school approach wasn't a good fit for guys like Tyrus Thomas or Joakim Noah, but I’m not sure any coach in the league can make the Bulls’ current lineup more effective than Skiles did last season.


Can we officially call Jason Kidd a cancer now?

Dude just can’t stay happy. Raise your hand if you're tired of this joker's act.   


How bad is the Southeast Division?

So bad the Hawks are currently in second place.

I know the team has some young talent, but if the season ended today, Atlanta would claim the fourth playoff spot—good enough for home-court.

Something's just not right about that.

With Speedy Claxton out for the year, the Hawks must now rely on journeyman Anthony Johnson and rookie Acie Law to run the point. Al Horford has brought some toughness, but lack of experience will once again hurt the Hawks as the season wears on.

I have a hunch the Hawks will fold as a more veteran team or two pass them in the standings.

Meanwhile, the runner-up in the Southwest Division (either Dallas or San Antonio) could very well end up with the second best record in the entire league.


Call me crazy, but I just don’t see Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming ever getting to the Finals.

Both are injury-prone and trigger-happy, and neither has the killer instinct needed to hoist a trophy of any worth. I don’t understand all the hype around this Rockets team.


I keep waiting for the Celtics to come back down to Earth, but that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon.

The city of Boston has too much to cheer for recently. Spread the wealth, Boston fans.

That said, the Pistons are doing their best Indianapolis Colts impression—quietly dispatching teams while deflecting the limelight to the Boston boys.


Put Brandon Roy in the East and he’d be a starter in the All-Star Game. As it is, he might miss out on this year’s event.

What this kid has done for Portland in a little over a year is unbelievable.

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