NFL Week 1 - Jets @ Dolphins Preview and Picks

Chris RadezSenior Writer ISeptember 2, 2008

In my opinion, this is the most intriguing matchup of Week One. You've obviously got the guy that has been the talk of the summer in Brett Favre making his first regular season start as a New York Jet. If that isn't enough, you've also got the guy he replaced on the other side of the field in Chad Pennington.

Both of these guys, who are each seasoned veterans, suddenly have something to prove.

Favre wants to show everyone that he still has another good year or two in him, since he was so gracefully shown the door in Green Bay. Pennington, on the other hand, was also shown the door to make way for the ultimate cheese-head in New York. Now he's reunited with Bill Parcells, who drafted him eight years ago, in the Miami Dolphins' organization.

To the common fan, this would look like an easy victory for the New York Bretts. They've got a good running game behind an improved line. They've got a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback and defense that has looked awesome in the preseason. Put that up against last years laughing stock and you've got an easy win, right?

I'm telling you right now that you can't rule out the Dolphins in this game.

If the defense plays conservative and doesn't try anything silly, the offense has what it takes to hang in there until the end. Ricky Williams has had a great preseason and training camp, and Pennington is a smart quarterback who makes great decisions... especially when inserted into an offense which is designed for his style of play.

I guarantee that Parcells, Sparano and the rest of the staff have implemented an offensive gameplan that will work very well with the things Pennington does best.

They just need for him to stay healthy.

The picks:

House of Steel: Jets

Revolution: Jets

encmetalhead: Jets

Amoroq: Jets

kfkorn: Jets

buffalo29: Jets

NEsince92: Jets

buffalogal1982: Jets

senna1a: Jets

Longballer: Jets

Korrupt: Jets

As you can see... absolutely no love for the 'Phins. I stand by my statement though... do not count them out.

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