Where to Play Fantasy Baseball: A Guide to the Free Sites

Forrest KobayashiSenior Analyst ISeptember 1, 2008

You’ve just made one big decision: to play fantasy baseball online for fun. A great decision, if I may say so myself!

One question you may have in mind, however, is where to play fantasy baseball and get the best overall experience. Here, I will highlight a few of the free websites you should consider.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Baseball

Yahoo! Sports offers a great fantasy baseball game, year-in and year-out. My first fantasy baseball league was hosted by them, and I had a very enjoyable experience the first year that I played.

They offer a variety of leagues to begin (more on this in a future post), including Rotisserie (the traditional fantasy baseball league) and Head-to-Head (a fun, weekly form of fantasy baseball). In addition, they offer a great amount of tools to help you manage your teams, including news updates and daily matchups.

Yahoo! does not provide free live scoring, but if you have Firefox and install Greasemonkey, you can then go to userscripts.org and download patches to change the way the site behaves, some allowing you to see live freebie (albeit rudimentary) scoring.


ESPN.com Fantasy Baseball

If you watch ESPN on a normal basis, you have probably seen ads advertising ESPN Fantasy Baseball. It is one of the most well-marketed games out there, and there are a lot of casual sports fans who decide to play their league on ESPN.

The website interface is easy to navigate, and ESPN constantly produces some of the freshest fantasy baseball content on the web. Its live draft application is also one of the easiest to use, and is one of my personal favorites. Like Yahoo!, ESPN.com is a fairly stimulating website, and it also comes highly recommended.


The Sporting News “Draft and Trade” Fantasy Baseball

“Draft and Trade” baseball is the way to go if you are starting fantasy baseball for the first time, and TSN offers a great free game that will keep you around for a while. After playing leagues on Yahoo! when I began my fantasy baseball career, I moved over to The Sporting News and really enjoyed their leagues.

I found that many of the owners on their leagues were active (even the free leagues), and their fantasy source content is among the industry’s best. Nothing really distinctive about this game: it is a great choice!


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