NASCAR at Auto Club Speedway: Snore...Bore...Please, No More

Matt MercerCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2008

Ok, seriously, does it get much worse than the weekend races at California?

Good lord, I think I'd be more excited watching C-SPAN for four hours!

Kyle Busch leads 144 laps in the Nationwide race. Jimmie Johnson comes in and leads 228 laps in the Cup race.

Very little action to speak of; cars barely hanging on because there was so little grip.

I wonder how many fans (the ones who came to begin with) left the race before it was over?

After the race in Februrary, it was said something needed to be done to this track.

After last night, I think that'll become a unanimous opinion.

Turn it into a west coast Talladega, turn it into a bullring, turn it into a landfill.

All three of those options are preferable to another race like we were subjected to last night.