Dominique Piek: Bleacher Report's WAG of The Week

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistDecember 2, 2010

Dominique Piek: Bleacher Report's WAG of The Week

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    Dominique Piek is Bleacher Report's WAG of the Week.

    Today, you'll get to meet the supermodel girlfriend of Texas Rangers pitcher, C.J. Wilson.

    And if you're superstitious, you should take note that she's also a bit of a lucky charm, since the Rangers reached the World Series for the first time in franchise history.

    Too bad they lost.  But if you've got a girlfriend like her, you count your blessings. 

    Without further ado, here's Miss Dominique Piek!

Meet Dominique Piek

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    Meet Dominique Piek, another beautiful WAG.

    She makes looking good a profession as she's a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Dominique Pique

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    No offense to C.J. Wilson, but he's not exactly Brad Pitt.

    But I guess chicks dig that live arm and his multi-million dollar paycheck.

    C.J., you are one lucky man!

Dominique Piek

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    Take a good look at Dominique and her outfit.

    Because this is probably going to be the last time you'll see her with this much clothing.

    She'll be modeling her swimwear from here on out.

    Get ready.

Dominique Piek: In The Water

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    She was so excited about it, this South African-born beauty just jumped in the water!

Dominique Piek: Long Legs

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    Those are some long legs.

    At 5'10", this 25-year-old hottie started on her path to modeling at the ripe old age of 14.

Dominique Piek: Shy

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    Oh no, we were talking about so much about her legs, I think we embarrassed her.

    I just meant to say they were sexy.  That's all.

Dominique Piek: Runway Experience

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    Yes, that's better.

    You can tell she's got runway experience from this shot.

Dominique Piek: In The Sand

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    But just because she's a model doesn't mean she doesn't mind rolling around in the sand.

Dominique Piek: Getting Wet

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    That's right.  She also loves getting wet.

Dominique Piek: On Her Side

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    She also enjoys laying on her side quite often.

    Hope you don't mind.

Dominique Piek: Her Hometown

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    Want to know a little more about this hottie?

    Well, she came from a small town in South Africa called Somerset.

Dominique Piek: On a Personal Note

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    Her mother was a teacher, who probably taught her how to rinse properly.

    And her father was a dentist, which explains those great teeth.

Dominique Piek: Striped Bikini

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    Too bad she's not smiling to show off those teeth.

    That sexy stare, however, can still make a grown man melt.

Dominique Piek: Great Smile

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    Oh, there we go!

    I told you she's got a great...

    What was I talking about again?

    Ah yes.  Smile!

Dominique Piek: Lethal Combination

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    How about this?

    A combination: sexy stare and sexy smile.

    Anyone jealous of C.J. Wilson right now?

Dominique Piek: No Bra

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    Dominique also has this thing with bras.

    Sometimes she doesn't wear them.

Dominique Piek: Braless

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    That shouldn't make you think any less of her though.

Dominique Piek: Thinking Mode

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    She's deep in thought.

    Do not disturb.

Dominique Piek: In The Maldives

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    If you were wondering where all of these hottie shots of Dominique were taken, well it's from the Maldives.

    That's where other hotties such as Bar Rafaeli and Brooklyn Decker were photographed by Sports Illustrated.

Dominique Piek: Shower

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    So let's review.

    What did we learn about this hot WAG?

    She's from South Africa and she likes getting wet.

Dominique Piek: Sexy Back

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    She's got no tattoos that we know of, and sometimes she runs around topless.

Dominique Piek: Topless

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    That's right.


    Hope you had a great time meeting her.

Domnique Pique: Video

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    If you want more to feed your Dominique Piek addiction, here's video footage of the supermodel.

    And if you want to send her a message on Twitter, go for it.

    Her Twitter page is @dominiquepiek; make sure you congratulate her for being chosen as Bleacher Report's WAG of the Week.