Fish(er) Cut Bait: Bowden's Time Is Through at FSU

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Fish(er) Cut Bait: Bowden's Time Is Through at FSU

IconIt is easy to criticize Jimbo Fisher for almost bolting for West Virginia after recently signing a new contract and being designated the coach in waiting to Bobby Bowden. 

Fisher does deserve partial blame—but if we as Seminole nation are to be honest, we have to turn our eyes toward Bobby Bowden. I am sure that the academic fraud case and potential fallout must have been a consideration for Fisher.

However, there is more to the story than this. It involves grumpy old men fighting for a record, and a man named Bobby.

My guess is the big reason behind Jimbo's decision was how long he will have to wait for Bobby Bowden to do the right thing, and retire. I am sure Fisher, like many FSU fans, would like that to be sooner rather than later.

But Fisher, like most of us, believes in his heart of hearts that Bowden has no intention of leaving anytime soon. Heck, he has T.K. Wetherell running interference for him. Bowden also has "geniuses" in the booster leadership that helped to give him a huge salary increase despite years of mediocrity, and even chipped in for a million-dollar retirement bonus. No one ever accused these boosters of being in the Mensa society.

Bobby Bowden is holding his program captive with a silly battle to become the winningest coach in college football, while the program languishes under his leadership.

Bowden cares more about his personal goal than the good of the program. The problem is that the leadership at FSU apparently cares more about one man than the overall good of the program. T. K. Wetherell and the "can't shoot straight" gang at the boosters don't have the leadership skills or courage to tell Bobby that it is time to go. Instead, they play games with a "coach in waiting" contract, causing Fisher to have second thoughts.

It is time for FSU to fish or cut bait. Someone needs to go to Bowden and tell him that 2008 will be his last year. If that doesn't happen, we will again be wondering if Fisher will bolt for another school, while Bowden tells us all to wait until next year.

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