OC Domer 2008 Notre Dame Football Preseason Spectacular

OC DomerCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2008

The time for annual “preseason” blog posts has just about run out, so I present the “OC Domer 2008 Notre Dame Football Preseason Spectacular.”

Of course, “spectacular” is a very subjective term. Very, very subjective. The plan is to bring you three preseason posts in one, because I’ve just run out of time to do each of them separately. The three posts are:


1. A quick review of my earlier post on the Top 10 Irish Lessons Learned from the 2007 football season to see if there is any evidence that Coach Weis and the 2008 Fighting Irish squad have taken those lessons to heart heading into this season.



2. A quick rundown of my general overall expectations for the Irish in 2008.



3. A quick look at each Notre Dame opponent, and how I think the Irish will fare against them this season.


Do I really think Notre Dame will finish the 2008 season 11-1? No. While I sincerely believe the Irish could, or even should, win each of their first 11 games, I also expect that a team as young as the Irish will have some untimely penalties and turnovers, or just come out flat, and let a couple of games get away from them.

Counting the likely loss to USC, I expect nine wins, give or take one. Of course, a lot has to go right for nine wins to happen. But after last year I figure the Irish are due a little luck.

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