Wrestling In The Wrong Era

Anakin CaneCorrespondent IDecember 28, 2010

Wrestling In The Wrong Era

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    Certain times in life and especially in sport a team there is a moment which may be even more special had it happened at a different time. In life, a person is in a relationship then finds a person who could potentially be the soulmate. Always seems to happen.

    In sports, teams have an excellent year, just to run into a team which is a little better. The 1984 Miami Dolphins were a great team, but the 49ers that year were just a bit better. The Bills of the early 1990's had a great run to four consecutive Super Bowls, but always faced teams which were a bit better on the field. Maybe in a different year or season, these teams would have a Super Bowl, but it is not meant to be that particular season.

    In the world of film, there could be a few years were no movies are truly Oscar worthy, then all of a sudden, one particular year has three or four films worthy of AFI top 100 status. Take a look at 1939. Gone With the Wind takes home the statue against great films such as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Wizard of Oz, Wuthering Heights, Stagecoach, and Goodbye Mr. Chips.

    The Miz is our new WWE World Champion. It seems in these times, times of instant gratification, short attention spans, and title reigns for every one and their brothers, there are some great wrestlers of the past who should have been wrestling during this era as they perhaps would have a few title reigns.

Rick Rude

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    Great on the mike and excellent in the ring.

    Every man wanted to be him and all the girls wanted to be with him.

    Rick Rude had a world title run in WCW when it was no longer the NWA World title, but renamed the WCW International title.

    Rude had a good run in the WWF and was put into a memorable feud with Jake Roberts. He also feuded with Paul Orndorff over who had the better body. The closest Rude got to the WWF title was feuding with the newly crowned champion Ultimate Warrior.

    Rude later ventured to WCW and had feuds with Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Barry Windham, and Sting.

    Though he was considered by World Class Championship Wrestling as a World champion, Rude only got to second tier in as a U.S. champion in WCW and Intercontinental champion in WWF.

    With those abs, he would definitely be challenging IWC love Morrison for top Mancrush in todays WWE.

Mr. Wonderful

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    Paul Orndorff could teach Cody Rhodes a bit about being arrogant. The difference of course is Wonderful had the body to back it up.

    Paul Orndorff came from Georgia Championship Wrestling and is best known as being part of the first WrestleMania main event. He eventually broke away from Roddy Piper and became a fan favorite. Later, tired of being in Hogans shadow, Wonderful turned on Hogan to rejoin Heenan. Then changed later when Rick Rude joined the Family. In WCW, Orndorff continued his ways of changing with the weather.

    Orndorff was in an era during the time Hogan had a lock on the belt. Mr. Wonderful never even got the I-C or tag team titles. In todays WWE or TNA, he would easily have these belts and even a few World title reigns.

Tully Blanchard

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    Even while the Four Horsemen were being cheered, every fan still hated Tully. He had that charisma which made the fans despise his every move. He could have been an excellent bad guy champion.

    But not going to happen. He was happy in his role under Ric Flair and spot in the Horsemen. Tully has held tag team titles in WCCW, SWCW, NWA, and WWF. As a singles competitor the highest Tully achieved was a U.S. title run.

    If one is to believe the rumors of the past, Tully was to return with Arn to form the Four Horsemen with Flair. Then eventually turn on Flair to win the WCW title. This did not turn out in Tullys favor as being blacklisted did not allow him to return to the WCW. So who knows if the rumors to be true, but one thing is for true, Tully could have upset many fans as an arrogant World champion.

Superstar Billy Graham

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    "I'm the man of the hour, the man with the power, too sweet to be sour. The women's pet, the men's regret. What you see is what you get. And what you don't see is better yet."

    As Captain Lou always said, "Always imitated, never duplicated."

    The Superstar has been imitated by every one from Hulk Hogan to Jesse Ventura to Big Poppa Pump to Stone Cold to HHH.

    He did have a run with WWF title. But the reign was used as a transition from Bruno to Backlund.

    Billy Graham was way ahead of his time. The first cool bad guy. Superstar would have been great during the Attitude Era or todays WWE. With his mike work and in-ring psychology, he could easily been the face of the company. There is a rumor circulating he was to become the face of the WWF after Ivan Koloff would turn on the Superstar. But Vince Sr. nixed the idea since he already had a handshake deal with Backlund to become World Champion.

Rowdy Roddy Piper

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    "Just when you think you have the answers, I change the questions."

    The story of Hot Rods career.

    I still scratch my head as to why he was not granted a title run. Perfect scenario for WrestleMania I could have been at War to Settle the Score, Hogan drops the belt to Piper. Then WrestleMania would have been Hogan getting the belt back from the Rowdy Scot.

    Fast forward 11 years later. Piper defeats Hogan at StarrCade. But did not win the belt.

    Never made any damn sense to me. For all his years of sacrifice, hard work, and dedication, it is truly puzzling why he never had a World title run.

Magnum T.A.

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    Magnum would have been world champion but a tragic car accident changed the direction. He probably would have become world champion in 1988. All depends on backstage politics and his continuing ability to draw fans would have determined how long or if multiple reigns would have been in the cards.

    Perhaps a feud with the American Dream would have propelled him to iconic stature. All we do know is his career was tragically cut short and the fans were left with what if.

Nikita Koloff

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    Nikita lost his edge and his bite when he joined Dusty Rhodes as the SuperPowers. Nikita was awesome. Even his incoherant ramblings on the mike were intimidating and fierce.

    His overness may not have translated in todays sport because the whole point of his character was the evil Russian during the Cold War. But if he was over today as he was back then, Nikita would be enjoying a few title runs just like Batista.

Ted Dibiase

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    One of the greatest and most evil characters in the history of pro wrestling. Another headscratcher, if you will, as to why the Million Dollar Man never held the strap.

    WrestleMania IV was the perfect opportunity to put the belt on him. But the WWF decided to go with Macho Man. Savage was not a bad choice and was a good champ, but the WWF could have had him win it at SummerSlam. It still was a time to set up WrestleMania V between Savage and Hogan.

    Another possibility would have Savage winning at WrestleMania then Dibiase win at SummerSlam. Savage could have taken the 'injured' route for a few months. Have Hogan make his triumphant return at Survivor Series to take the belt off Dibiase, then there could be time to still set up Savage vs. Hogan at WMIV. No matter what, with all the wrestlers on the list as World champion, it is sad not to see Ted Dibiase on that list.


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    There are others such as Bruiser Brody, Jake Roberts, and David Von Erich to never have a World title run. Some were tragic, others were because of politics.

    Its a serious shame when some of the greatest to ever go through the ring ropes are not on the list as world champions, but this travesty to the left is on the list.