WWE Slammy Awards 2010: My Predictions For This Years Winners

Stuart BroughtonContributor IIIJanuary 17, 2017

The Slammies is yet another thing that the IWC can complain and moan about! Whether it is John Cena winning 'Superstar of the year' or they give Todd Grisham 'Announcer of the year' everyone is going to have something to complain about. Though will this year produce results that us, fans, can agree with (i very much doubt it). So I've decided to run through my predictions for who will pick up what at the 3-hour special of Raw based on last years categories.

Tag Team of the Year
This is probably the hardest of all the categories to pick a winner for mainly because there is such little to choose from. Koslov and Santino have been funny and at some points interesting to watch in the ring but have little in the way of championships to show for their efforts. The same has to be said for the Uso's who have yet to cement their place as a regular television quality team. Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre have won a championship but just didn't feel like much of a tag team and really showed in their performances. Which really only leaves the Hart Dynasty who although didn't defend their titles often reigned for a number of months. This could lead to either a further feud between the two wrestlers or maybe lead to reforming and recapturing the WWE Tag Team Championship.
Winners: The Hart Dynasty (Really the only option?)

Breakout Star of the Year
Now on the other hand this award is hard to choose a winner for all the right reasons. Thanks to NXT and a helpful signing from Mexico WWE now has a wide range of new talent who are all in with a chance of picking up the prize. The Nexus, Kaval, Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio all viable winners but when it comes down to it i see just three people who could win. Wade Barrett who although hasn't yet picked up a championship has gotten rid of the WWE's biggest stars along with main evented a number of PPVs.  Alberto Del Rio has shown off his skills that he has learnt from wrestling in Mexico and has had a spectacular fued with Rey Mysterio proving he is a future World Champion. Finally we have Daniel Bryan who has put on fantastic matches week after week and the only one of the three to pick up a championship, though his downfall is that he hasn't made as bigger impact on the main even scene as the others.
Winner: Daniel Bryan (Based on Accomplishments)

Shocker of the Year
This is a three way fight between events that have taken place in the past couple of months in the WWE. The first is John Cena joining the Nexus along with him getting fired and The Miz cashing in the money in the bank briefcase on Randy Orton. I am sure there are plenty more but being the WWE i really can't see them choosing anything except for the firing of John Cena. It maybe really recent but it is WWE's poster boy and the award may further the somewhat stale storyline.
Winner: John Cena getting fired

Match of the Year
There is really no other option other than the Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels match at this years Wrestlemania. Although it wasn't as good as last years clash between the two mega stars it was still an amazingly well worked match. The WWE has really failed to put on any other 5-star matches this year which leaves Shawn  Michaels' final match for the company the winner.
Winner: Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania XXVI)

Raw Guest Host of the Year
Thank f**k they got rid of weekly guests hosts. WORST IDEA EVER!!!
Winners: WWE Universe

Extreme Moment of the Year
With the PG era under full effect this is another category i can't award a winner as there has been little or no extreme action over the past year. But if any readers want to give their opinion on who the winner might be go ahead and comment below.
Winner: You Decide!

Diva of The Year
Michelle McCool and Layla El are easily the two front runners for this as the two of them have held the Women's Championship and the Unified Championship for an extended run. The Divas division has been getting progressively worst over the past couple of years, as most of you will know, so it is hard to pick any other woman. If the award is given to one half of Laycool a new and much needed rivalry will break out between them. Though if they do what they did last year and give the award to a Diva based on a poll basis i can see Kelly Kelly winning.
Winner: Michelle McCool

The 'Oh My' Moment of the Year
There has been so many childish weird moments that i can't name any except from moments involving Santino Marella or the notorious Goldust. Though if there was just one moment that even i went 'What the Hell?!?!' it would have to be the match between Goldust and William Regal where they had to dress at each other. Both wrestlers looked brilliant dressed as their opponent and was a massive cringe to watch.
Winner: Goldust Vs William Regal

Wrestler of the Year
Assuming that this years Wrestler of the Year award isn't decided like last years was there is a number of ways that this could go. For PPV consistency, Big Show has won nearly every match he has appeared in but is let down by the number of titles he has picked up. For week-by-week consistency, Randy Orton has ripped up Raw ending up on top by the end of every show but a poor PPV run and a short title reign rules him out. Sheamus could be in with a shout as for the past year he has had two title reigns along with the King of the Ring crown under his belt. Kane another contender has held the World Heavyweight Championship for a third of the year. And have i forgotten anyone? Oh yeah John Cena because he's John Cena! So in my opinion it is a choice between Kane and Sheamus but i think overall Kane deserves that title because of his run in the main event scene since the Fatal 4-way when his brother was 'attacked'.
Winner: Kane (Based on Accomplishments)

That is it for my predictions on winners this year based mainly on logic rather than the WWE's crazy decisions. But if you think I'm completely wrong then you can SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND KNOW YOUR ROLE!!!