Chuck Liddell Looks to Restore Order at 205

jason willisContributor ISeptember 1, 2008

Chuck Liddell is getting ready to "go to work." The former light-weight champion wants his belt back and he knows that the landscape in the UFC needs some tilling. Where does he start? In the backyard of "Sugar" Rashad Evans. Evans is undefeated and is very excited to be fighting the "Ice Man."

The winner of this fight will place himself nicely in line for a possible title fight with light-weight champion Forrest Griffin. “That’s a bridge we’ll have to cross when this is over,” Liddell said. “We’ll talk about what’s in my future after this fight.”

Obviously Liddell will not allow himself to look beyond the talented Evans. Good thing too, although Chuck is the favorite in this fight, Rashad is making a career out of overcoming the odds.

No matter what happens in this fight, the 205 class is stacked with talent and the next eight to 12 months is going to be very interesting. You still have Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva out there, and don't forget Anderson Silva cracked the glass window of the 205 and was very impressive.

Can Chuck restore order? Hmmm!